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updated 4-20-13

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CLICK HERE - Explaining conference unrest


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Fort Wayne North Side

updated 12-5-15

CLICK HERE - Fort Wayne North Side students to vote on mascot

Eight voting choices - Nations, Raptors, Legends, Night Hawks, Thunder, Mustangs, Falcons, Rockets

CLICK HERE - Opinions split in North Side vote

updated 7-30-15

CLICK HERE - North Side joins tide in jettisoning an offensive mascot

Circle City Conference

updated 8-7-15

CLICK HERE - 4 Indy-area Catholic schools form new sports conference


updated 7-30-15

CLICK HERE - Manual now one of 3 high schools in Indiana with Redskins nickname

Fort Wayne Community Schools

updated 7-20-15

CLICK HERE - Fort Wayne Community Schools rules could shuffle prep football rosters


updated 7-15-15

Goshen school board members and public debate Redskins name

CLICK HERE - Goshen school board, public debate Redskins mascot; vote could come at July 27 meeting

CLICK HERE - Goshen Redskins Mascot Statement

CLICK HERE - Goshen mascot's fate may come by end of month

CLICK HERE - REDSKINS CONTROVERSY: Crowds gather to buy 'Save our mascot' shirts in Goshen

CLICK HERE - Public's passion evident in comments

CLICK HERE - Redskins mascot debate packs Goshen school board meeting with supporters, opposition

Goshen alumni sell Save our Mascot shirts

Mike Truex defends use of Redskins mascot


updated 5-29-15

CLICK HERE - Only constant with ACAC is its name


updated 4-27-15

CLICK HERE - INDIANA-Past-link transfer rule among several initiatives IHSAA expected to consider,Sunday events and Transparency in budget

Northwest Indiana

updated 4-17-15

CLICK HERE - Region could be seeing a conference reshuffle again in coming years

Bishop Noll

updated 4-11-15

CLICK HERE - Bishop Noll considers applying to the Northwest Crossroads Conference

South Vermillion

updated 12-17-14

CLICK HERE - South Vermillion returns to Wabash River Conference


updated 9-16-14

CLICK HERE - Elkhart Central, Memorial face gaps as they build 2015 high school football schedule


updated 8-7-14

CLICK HERE - Burris finds conference to call home


updated 7-9-14

CLICK HERE - Arlington High School operator says it can no longer afford to run school

Nickname Debate

updated 6-20-14

CLICK HERE - “Redskins” nickname draws different opinions

Hoosier Conference

updated 5-26-14

CLICK HERE - Hoosier Conference to add 4 schools


updated 5-6-14

CLICK HERE - Football is Back at Scottsburg


updated 5-5-14

CLICK HERE - IHSAA tables 3-class basketball proposal

CLICK HERE - Wes-Del coach says 'we're in a catch-22'

CLICK HERE - Three-class proposal for Indiana high school basketball drawing consideration

Northern Indiana Conference

updated 4-24-14

CLICK HERE - Northern Indiana Conference expands, adding Bremen, Jimtown, New Prairie and Glenn

updated 4-17-14

CLICK HERE - NIC, NSC officials discuss expansion

NIC Press Release

Possible expansion of the Northern Indiana Conference took a step forward on Wednesday when athletic directors from Northern State Conference schools Bremen, Glenn, Jimtown and New Prairie met with the athletic directors of member schools from the NIC.

Wednesday’s meeting focused on issues pertaining to expansion, and a date was set for Bremen, Glenn, Jimtown and New Prairie to make formal presentations for admission to the high school sports league. Formal presentations by the four NSC schools to the NIC member school principals will take place next Wednesday. Although a vote is not scheduled on expansion, it is possible that a decision could come shortly after that meeting, or by the end of April.

Mishawaka High School principal Jerome Calderone, speaking for the NIC, said that if the NIC moves to expand, changes in schedules would not happen until the 2015-16 school year at the earliest.

“This is the first time there has been any direct connection in terms of getting together and talking about the possibility of expansion,” Calderone said.

Bremen, Jimtown, Glenn and New Prairie were left with the prospect of a four-team conference when Culver Community, Knox, LaVille and Triton announced they were leaving the NSC to form the Hoosier North Athletic Conference with Caston, North Judson, Pioneer, West Central and Winamac.

“Expansion of the Northern Indiana Conference could have a really neat impact in this area in a lot of good ways, but there are also a number of other things to consider,” Calderone said. “When you have a school the size of Penn, which has about 3,300 students … we have to look at everything and decide what is best for everybody.”

Bremen is the smallest of the four NSC schools, with 519 students according to the Indiana High School Athletic Association directory.

Currently, the NIC has nine members – South Bend public schools Adams, Clay, Riley and Washington, and Elkhart Central, Marian, Mishawaka, Penn and South Bend St. Joseph.

Topics discussed on Wednesday ranged from the possible structure of an expanded NIC, athletic-event attendance figures of the four NSC schools, and the number of sports those schools offer.

If the NIC does expand, realigning the NIC into divisions of six and seven teams based on enrollment, not geography, was the primary topic. Calderone said there was conversation about whether the NIC would move to two divisions for football only, or for all sports.

Enrollment sizes of the NSC schools is a concern. In football, Penn is in Class 6-A, Adams, Elkhart Central and Mishawaka are in Class 5-A, Clay, Riley, St. Joseph and Washington are in Class 4-A, and Marian is in Class 3-A.

Among the NSC schools, Bremen is in Class 2-A, Glenn and Jimtown are in 3-A, and New Prairie is in 4-A. Bremen and Jimtown have multiple state championships in football, and Jimtown and New Prairie won sectional championships this past season.

Bremen, Glenn, Jimtown and New Prairie all have strong reputations for athletic competitiveness, community support and academic achievement.

Jimtown athletic director Nathan Dean said the four NSC schools have a lot to offer the NIC beyond athletic competition.

“We feel that our four schools can provide diversity to the Northern Indiana Conference as far as rural vs. urban,” Dean said. “It’s an opportunity to make this a truly Michiana-wide conference that encompasses schools inside and outside of the U.S. 20 beltway.”

Dean said the South Bend area will benefit from the strong fan support that NSC schools enjoy.

North Central Conference

The Principals of the North Central Conference (NCC) met at the IHSAA Building on April 16th to discuss the progress of the NCC to expand its membership to ten members in school year 2015 – 2016. As a result of the meeting, the North Central Conference is excited to announce that Arsenal Technical High School has been offered and accepted membership into the NCC. They will become members of the NCC on April 1, 2015 and will begin scheduling athletic events with current and future members of the conference as the opportunity becomes available.

The addition of Arsenal Technical High School into the NCC will now allow the Conference to continue to plan for divisional play and conference tournaments in nearly all sports. The goal of the NCC remains the same; bigger, better, stronger and more exciting than ever.

Additionally, the Principals and Athletic Directors of the NCC will continue to seek other schools for future membership into the Conference as well as remain focused on what is best for the student athletes, coaches, schools and communities of the 10 member schools in the NCC.

Three Rivers Conference

updated 4-12-14

CLICK HERE - Three Rivers Conference not alone in shuffling members


updated 4-9-14

CLICK HERE - Is there enough momentum for three-class proposal?

Bowman Academy

updated 3-28-14

CLICK HERE - As Gary charter wins basketball titles, public schools fall farther behind

Illiana Christian

updated 3-28-14

CLICK HERE - A Change of Scenery and Seasons for Illiana Christian

CLICK HERE - Illiana Christian voters OK relocation to Indiana

Union Dugger Community Schools

updated 3-28-14

CLICK HERE - IHSAA: UHS players free to transfer without penalty

PODCAST-Dave Schmidt talks with Hannah Rennick a Junior at Dugger Union(Indiana) HS, the Bulldogs face new issues in the future

Dave Schmidt talks with Steve Hall the AD at Dugger Union(Indiana) HS, the Bulldogs face new issues in the future - 2

updated 1-30-14

CLICK HERE - PODCAST-Dugger Union (Indiana) Schools-Dave Schmidt talks with Tom Peeler, about saving the school for the kids

updated 2-1-14

CLICK HERE - Dugger hoping to open new charter school

updated 1-28-14

CLICK HERE - Group files paperwork to open charter school in Dugger

CLICK HERE - Group wants to form new school corp for Union High School

Western Indiana Conference

updated 3-19-14

CLICK HERE - Greencastle set to join Western Indiana Conference

updated 3-6-14

CLICK HERE - Western Indiana Conference eyes five new members

Three Rivers Conference

updated 3-19-14

CLICK HERE - Peru, Maconaquah to leave Mid-Indiana Conference

updated 3-14-14

CLICK HERE - Peru is Three Rivers Conference bound


updated 3-12-14

CLICK HERE - Burris booted from Mid-Eastern Conference

updated 2-28-14

CLICK HERE - Burris Fans fill Ball Gym as Mid-Eastern Conference decision looms

updated 2-19-14

CLICK HERE - Burris' MEC future in question, Conference issues some concerns

Northern Indiana Conference

updated 2-19-14

CLICK HERE - Northern Indiana Conference schools will mull expansion in April

North Central Conference

updated 2-19-14

CLICK HERE - NCC looking to expand, will visit Arsenal Tech

CLICK HERE - NCC officials to visit Tech; Guerin out of consideration

Northern Indiana Conference

updated 12-10-14

Northern Indiana Conference Talking To 4 Schools

according to a reliable source -

....the 4 teams come from a conference that just lost half of their members to a new conference. (Northern State Conference)

...waiting for the schools to present to the NIC, both sides will have the opportunity to question each other...a vote will take place in May to look at expansion or not

How many will the NIC add? will be an all or nothing

South Newton

updated 1-28-14

CLICK HERE - South Newton joining Illinois athletic conference


updated 1-15-14

CLICK HERE - School Board Presentation On Why Eastern Is Joining the HHC

CLICK HERE - Eastern accepts HHC invite

Summit Athletic Conference

updated 1-3-14

CLICK HERE - Concordia Lutheran AD sees challenges of big-school SAC

updated 12-20-13

CLICK HERE - SAC gets 2 new members for football, hoops: Carroll and Homestead

CLICK HERE - Homestead, Carroll added to SAC

CLICK HERE - Carroll & Homestead Moving To SAC

CLICK HERE - Carroll accepts limited SAC invitation

NOTE -- Also Greg Jones of the Journal Gazette Tweets that Homestead has accepted the invitation as well.

updated 12-17-13

Questions Confirmed On SAC Expansion

following reply to our questions is from a SAC Athletic Director on the proposed addition of Carroll and Homestead

Is the 20th the deadline for both schools to give you an answer on membership?


Is it confirmed that it is just for football and boys and girls basketball?


If they enter, will there be an option in the future to become full members?

ANSWER - There is a two year probationary period. Not real sure what that means.

updated 12-15-13

Not So Fast

As Lee Corso would say "Not so fast my friends"

Sources tell me this is not a done deal and that Carroll and Homestead may say no. Reports say that there is a December 20th deadline.

We sent an email to all involved to get a statement and some of the facts (which we do on any situation like this). The replies indicate that those involved are not to happy with the situation being public--

EMAIL we sent -
Would appreciate a statement from all 3 parties involved in the invitation by the SAC to invite Carroll and Homestead to join.

Is it just for Football and Boys and Girls Basketball
Is the deadline to reply December 20th
Position everyone is taking during this process
Replies to this email --

"No comment on anything athletic at Homestead High School. Please stop contacting us."

"No comment from Southwest Allen County Schools. You can remove SACS from your email list."

updated 12-13-13

CLICK HERE - Sources: SAC invites Homestead, Carroll to join

Union (Dugger)

updated 12-28-13

CLICK HERE - Consolidation will wipe out Dugger's Union H.S

updated 12-3-13

CLICK HERE - Board Votes To Close Union

updated 11-12-13

CLICK HERE - NESC postpones decision on future of schools in Dugger

Mid-Indiana Conference

updated 12-18-13

CLICK HERE - Taylor to leave MIC, Eastern remains coy

updated 12-11-13

DEVELOPING - Taylor and Eastern are leaving the Mid-Indiana Conference

TWEET From - Dean Hockney - Sports @Sports_Journal

CONFIRMED: Taylor and Eastern are leaving the Mid-Indiana Conference for the Hoosier Heartland Conference, beginning 2015-2016


updated 12-14-13

CLICK HERE - Mishawaka schools ponder merger

North Central Conference

updated 12-12-13

NCC Release On Expansion

The Principals and Athletic Directors of the North Central Conference (NCC) met on December 12, 2013 at the IHSAA building at the request of representatives from Arsenal Technical High School and St Theodore Guerin High School to discuss the possible membership of those schools into the NCC. Each school made a presentation to the group and discussed their interest in becoming a member of the NCC.

As a result of the meeting, the Principals and Athletic Directors of the conference will request to visit each of the two schools in the near future in order to make the best possible decision for the NCC. There is no commitment to either school or from the conference at this point. The visits are the next step in the lengthy process of making a formal invitation to any school that may wish to become a member of the conference.

As events unfold throughout the state among athletic conferences the Principals and Athletic Directors of the NCC will continue to focus on what is best for the student athletes, coaches, schools and communities of the member schools in the NCC.

The goal for the NCC remains the same; bigger, better, stronger and more exciting than ever.

Expansion Announcement

NCC officials informed SR that we would be receiving a press release to announce that they would be expanding. First word was that two members would be added at this time.

Meanwhile on Twitter, reports from Indianapolis and Muncie Tweeted the following:

Kyle Neddenriep @KyleNeddenriep
Tech AD Victor Bush had 90-minute presentation today with North Central Conference leaders about school joining league.

Guerin Catholic also met with North Central Conference board today. Guerin AD Chris Buhler declined to comment further.

Tech was an original member of the NCC when it formed in 1926. "I believe it would be a great fit for Arsenal Tech," Bush said.

My understanding is North Central Conference will look to take one school. Guerin Catholic and Tech are the two under consideration.

Samuel Wilson @SamWilsonTSP
Spoke w/ Arsenal Tech athletic director Victor Bush, who told me he met with North Central Conference administrators today

Bush told me potential invitation would come for 2015-16 school year, which is when NCC will be at nine members with Huntington North gone.

CLICK HERE - NCC eyes Tech, Guerin Catholic

Midwest Conference

updated 12-11-13

CLICK HERE - Frontier, Tri-County leaving Midwest Conference


updated 11-26-13

CLICK HERE - Rebels want to stay together in final basketball season

updated 11-18-13

CLICK HERE - Muncie school board votes in favor of one high school

updated 9-23-13

CLICK HERE - Landmark Muncie Fieldhouse faces talk of possible closure

Much of the consolidation/closing talk has centered on shuttering one of the secondary schools.

Mid Indiana Conference, Hoosier Heartland and Central Indiana Conference

updated 11-20-13

Changes Being Considered

Very reliable source updates us on these possible changes (via email)

Taylor and Eastern Greentown recently had their 2nd or 3rd meeting about joining the Hoosier Heartland Conference. The first meeting also included Delphi, Lapel, and possibly other schools. The meeting happening sometime in the next week or so will include members of the Hoosier Heartland, Greentown, Taylor, Frontier, Tri-County, and possibly others.

Also word is that Peru and Maconaquah also might be on the outs with the Mid Indiana. Not sure where to.

Eastbrook and Mississenwa could be asked to join the Mid Indiana if this happens.

Conference Indiana

updated 11-13-13

CLICK HERE - Terre Haute North and South voted unanimously into Conference Indiana

updated 11-12-13

Terre Haute Schools To Be Full Members In Conference Indiana

per the following Tweets


Per Vigo Co Superintendent Danny Tanoos. All TH North and TH South athletics have accepted full admission to Conference Indiana

All TH North-TH South athletics will start full competition in Conference Indiana at the start of the 2014-2015 school year.


updated 11-12-13

CLICK HERE - An update on IBCA’s three-class tournament proposal

Northern Indiana Conference

updated 11-5-13

Northern Indiana Conference Forms Expansion Committee

SR has been informed that the NIC has formed a committee and that all information from that committee is to come from Jerome Calderone the Principal at Mishawaka. There has been no formal talks with anyone at this time until the committee of existing schools meet and decide if they want to move forward with this or not. The only decision was to form a committee to talk about it.

Mr. Calderone updated SR via email on NIC expansion and the "unconfirmed" reports that three of the four remaining Northern State Conference members were being considered as future members:

" At the present time there is no information to share regarding NIC expansion. There has not been any discussions with the three or four remaining NSC members that I am aware of at this time. Not sure who your unconfirmed reports are coming from-----but at this time they are false reports. "

CLICK HERE - Information on the NIC

Muncie Southside

updated 11-1-13

CLICK HERE - Muncie School Board majority favors one high school

Northern State Conference

updated 9-26-13

NSC Talking with Multiple Conferences About the Future

Tweet from Dean Huppert @DeanHuppert28, Sports Director at FOX 28 in South Bend.

the NSC leaders will be meeting in the next couple days to explore possibilities with TRC and NLC.

updated 9-3-13

CLICK HERE - Where will Jimtown and Bremen land when the NSC dust settles?

Northern Indiana Conference

updated 8-30-13

Northern Indiana Conference Considering Changes

NIC source tells us the following information
At a recent Northern Indiana Conference meeting - talks included - that the Duneland Athletic Conference is seeing some changes and the NIC is trying to get LaPorte, Michigan City (past members of the NIC) and New Prairie of the Northern State Conference to consider coming into a new 12 team conference set-up. Nothing official at this time, but looking at possible membership changes.

Mishawaka Marian

updated 9-25-13

Marian Says "No Thank You" To NSC

updated 9-24-13

CLICK HERE - Marian almost certainly to stay in the Northern Indiana Conference

updated 9-12-13

Statement From Marian On NSC Invitation

email reply to SR

Invitation letters have been sent out to four schools on Tuesday that would make it an 8 team conference, they would like an answer by mid Oct, they do not want to release the names of the other schools until they are able to talk to former conference, get school board and community input & approval for the move. We have notified the NIC that we have been invited that we are investigating our options and we will keep them in the loop with our decision. We have started that process here at Marian all the head coaches are required to give input on the new conference, the school board has formed a committee and I have to do a presentation in two weeks to them with our findings. We are also have been talking with the teams in the NIC that we have built good rivalries with so we can continue to play them as non conference opponents.

Reggie Glon
Mishawaka Marian Athletic Director

CLICK HERE - Marian considering move to NSC but no decision yet

updated 8-30-13

Marian Statement On Northern State Conference

email reply to SR on Marian's athletic conference status
We have not been approached by the NSC yet. We at Marian are always looking to improve on our athletics being the smallest school in the conference hurts us in some sports but helps us with others. Depending what the make up of school of the new NSC will be we would look at it and compare it to our current situations, then decided what is in the best interest of all our our sports. We play many of the schools left in the NSC in the State Tournament at sectional time and they have always been very competitive and very exciting games.

Again no one has approached us, I do know that New Prairie has been asked about their interest in the NIC but I am not involved with those talks and do not know the extent of their interest.

Reggie Glon
Mishawaka Marian Athletic Director

Tippencanoe Valley

updated 9-24-13

CLICK HERE - Valley Staying Put In TRC

Midwest Conference

updated 9-24-13

CLICK HERE - Midwest Conference summit draws 13 schools

New Mega-Conference Conference

updated 9-20-13

CLICK HERE - Indiana Mega-Conference Being Considered After Recent Membership Changes

Hoosier North Athletic Conference

updated 9-24-13

Nine Indiana Schools To Form Hoosier North Athletic Conference

Nine schools from six adjoining counties in Northern Indiana have announced their intentions to form a new athletic conference beginning with the 2015-16 school year. The Hoosier North Athletic Conference (HNAC) will include Caston, Culver, Knox, LaVille, North Judson-San Pierre, Pioneer, Triton, West Central, & Winamac. The decision to start conference play in 2015-16 will give member schools adequate time to align the schedules for each sport.

Several factors were involved in the decision to form a new athletic conference including travel distance, competitive balance, existing rivalries, and overall athletic & academic philosophy. The decision to form the HNAC was a very thorough process that involved numerous meetings between the member schools with support from each school corporation.

In addition to athletic competitions, the HNAC also plans to host academic competitions between member schools in the areas of Math & English.

While the HNAC is currently comprised of nine schools, the conference would consider expanding to 10-teams should the right opportunity present itself in the future.

Next scheduled meeting of the HNAC on Thursday, October 9th, 2013

New Conference Named

TWEET from @tritontrojanfan who is the Triton AD

Member schools officially named new conf Hoosier North Athletic Conference The HNAC passed a motion accepting West Central as 9th member

West Central

updated 9-20-13

CLICK HERE - Midwest Conference down to 4 as West Central officially exits


West Central To Move To New Conference

TWEET from @nbairdjc

Nathan Baird reports on high school sports for the Lafayette Journal & Courier

West Central approved as next member of conference formed by former Midwest Conf and Northern State Conf members.

updated 9-16-13

CLICK HERE - West Central could be next school to leave Midwest Conference


updated 9-16-13

CLICK HERE - Wawasee Considers, Declines Invite To NSC

Culver Military Academy

updated 9-11-13

Culver Military Academy Not Invited To Join Northern State Conference

email reply to SR on NSC membership

We were not invited, but we may be in line if one of those invited declines. If that happens, we will then have a decision to make.

John N. Buxton
Head of Schools
updated 9-7-13

Culver Military Academy To Meet With NSC About Possible Membership

SR sent the following email to CMA school officials

With all of the changes taking place in athletic conferences in Northern Indiana, Culver Military Academy "pops up" as a potential new member of the Northern State Conference. Would appreciate a statement on this situation, if it is factual and are you considering or just a rumor.

following is the reply
If people are reporting that we are considering conference affiliation, they are reporting the situation properly. We have not been invited to join, but we have been asked to come to the table to discuss the option. We were flattered to be under consideration and now have the chance to look at that option seriously.

John N. Buxton
Head of Schools

New Conference

updated 8-30-13

CLICK HERE - LaVille leaving Northern State Conference; NSC down to four teams

updated 8-27-13

Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart IN News, Weather, Sports

story right after ND football story


updated 8-26-13

CLICK HERE - New conference, NSC and NIC...more changes in the future?

CLICK HERE - Triton to join new conference

updated 8-23-13

CLICK HERE - LaVille’s window of opportunity to join new conference

updated 8-20-13

CLICK HERE - Knox, Culver withdrawing from NSC

updated 8-16-13

CLICK HERE - Three schools planning to leave Midwest Conference

North Central Conference

updated 8-30-13

CLICK HERE - New Castle athletes invited to HHC championship events

“Part of the reason we were willing as a conference was their kids deserve better than what they were getting from their North Central Conference membership,” said Shelbyville athletic director Paul Heidenreich. “For them to not allow these kids the opportunity to compete for things is wrong.”

updated 8-28-13

CLICK HERE - Central, New Castle won't play in boys basketball

CLICK HERE - NC students real victims of NCC divorce

updated 8-27-13

CLICK HERE - HHC extends olive branch after North Central discord

updated 8-25-13

CLICK HERE - NCC, New Castle meet with IHSAA

updated 8-23-13

NCC and New Castle Part Ways, Both Sides Meet With IHSAA Commissioner

The North Central Conference schools consisting of Anderson, Huntington North, Kokomo, Logansport, Marion, Muncie Central, and Richmond, along with New Castle, met with the IHSAA Commissioner on Friday, August 23, 2013. As a result of that meeting, and in the best interest of the student athletes and communities of the North Central Conference and New Castle, the NCC Schools and New Castle will void all current and future NCC Conference Dates (excluding Football for the 2013 season). NCC Schools wishing to schedule New Castle may do so on a school-by-school basis.

The North Central Conference looks forward to a new era with its current membership and the addition of Lafayette Jeff, Harrison, and McCutcheon High Schools.

The NCC would also like to wish New Castle the best of luck as they begin a new chapter in the Hoosier Heritage Conference.

Michael Austin
Sports Information Director
North Central Conference

CLICK HERE - NCC decision leaves Trojans in limbo

CLICK HERE - NCC schools pull plug on games against New Castle

updated 8-22-13

CLICK HERE - North Central Conference drama continues to unfold

updated 8-20-13

CLICK HERE - Trojans won't go to NCC tourneys

CLICK HERE - Unlike New Castle, Huntington North departing NCC on good terms

CLICK HERE - NCC CIVIL WAR: Some conference schools want to oust New Castle now

updated 6-11-13

NCC Statement On Conference Future

The North Central Conference (NCC) is neither surprised nor disappointed by the recent announcements of two of its member schools electing to join other conferences. The Administration and Athletic Directors of both schools were forthcoming with the process each of their schools took to make their ultimate decisions. As a result of the decision to leave the NCC, neither New Castle nor Huntington North High Schools will be eligible for any North Central Conference awards or to compete for NCC championships as per the NCC Constitution. As each of the schools makes their transition from the NCC to their new conferences, we wish them the very best.

The NCC Athletic Directors met on June 4th to discuss the possibility of both New Castle and Huntington North High Schools leaving the NCC and have a template plan in place to continue the goal of conference expansion.

As events unfold throughout the state among athletic conferences, the Athletic Directors of the NCC will continue to focus on what is best for the student athletes, coaches, schools and communities of the nine member schools in the NCC. The goal for the NCC remains the same; bigger, better, stronger and more exciting than ever.

updated 6-12-13

CLICK HERE - Future beginning to take shape for North Central Conference

updated 6-11-13


New Castle

updated 6-10-13

CLICK HERE - New Castle will leave NCC

CLICK HERE - New Castle leaving NCC

CLICK HERE - It's official: New Castle to join HHC

CLICK HERE - (Videos) New Castle will leave NCC; Trojans hire basketball coach

CLICK HERE - New Castle leaving NCC for Hoosier Heritage Conference

New Castle Votes To Leave NCC Join HHC

Tweet - Sam Wilson of The Star Press reports New Castle School Board votes 3-1 to leave North Central Conference, join Hoosier Heritage Conference

updated 6-7-13

CLICK HERE - Huntington North decides to leave NCC

CLICK HERE - New coach, NCC decision on New Castle board agenda

updated 5-13-13

CLICK HERE - North Central Conference alignment still very much up in the air

updated 5-2-13

CLICK HERE - Keeping An Eye On The North Central Conference

updated 3-28-13

North Central Conference Update

from: -- Michael Austin, Secretary / Treasurer, North Central Conference
The Athletic Directors of the North Central Conference (NCC), Lafeyette Jefferson, McCutcheon and Harrison High Schools have met on two different occasions to discuss, structure and formalize the future of the NCC.The group continues to plan for a 12 member conference knowing Jay County High School may or may not be one of the 12 members.

The Jay County School Board is scheduled to meet in late April, at that time we anticipate a decision will be made as to which conference they will be a part of. The Principals and Athletic Directors of the NCC will meet sometime after the Jay County School Board meeting to formally accept the new members to the NCC or to decide who from a list of interested schools will be extended a invitation to the conference.

As changes continue to evolve throughout the state in athletics, we understand that it is very important for any school to ensure they are doing what is best for their students, athletes, schools and communities.

The North Central Conference in school year 2014- 2015 will more than likely be comprised of two divisions with divisional play and conference tournaments for each sport but no decisions have been made at this time. Every sport is being looked at individually, determining what works best logistically and economically for that sport, the athletes, coaches and fans. As decisions are made, we will continue to be flexible, patient and diligent in our efforts to make the NCC bigger, better, and more exciting than ever.

CLICK HERE - NCC situation gets murkier

updated 2-14-13

CLICK HERE - Harrison and McCutcheon will accept NCC invitations

updated 2-13-13

NCC Update On Expansion

In keeping with the North Central Conference’s commitment to maintaining its’ stature as one of the state’s premier conferences, the principals of the North Central Conference (NCC) voted on Thursday, February 7th to expand the conference membership from eight to twelve schools

As a result of the vote, the North Central Conference sent out invitations to prospective schools.

The conference understands that a process has been followed in making this decision and understands that those schools have a process that must be played out in their communities as well. Once the NCC has received a decision from each of the schools involved, a formal announcement will be made.

Information on schedule changes will be announced after all twelve schools have met to discuss the expansion’s effect on each sport in the conference.

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CLICK HERE - NCC landscape changing

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CLICK HERE - Harrison, Lafayette Jeff and McCutcheon invited to join NCC

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CLICK HERE - Five schools knocking on NCC's door

CLICK HERE - South, Jay visited by NCC

CLICK HERE - Discussions heating up between NCC and county schools

CLICK HERE - Conference changes leave schools searching for a league

Story courtesy of The Star Press (Muncie) from December, 2012

updated 11-22-12

CLICK HERE - Schools reach out to NCC

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CLICK HERE - North Central Conference reaches out to Harrison, Lafayette Jeff and McCutcheon

Muncie Southside

updated 8-15-13

CLICK HERE - Southside supporters warn against combining high schools

CLICK HERE - MCS looks at four options during first Town Meeting


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CLICK HERE - Monrovia to join the Indiana Crossroads Conference

Smith Academy for Excellence

updated 8-11-13

Newest IHSAA School To Add Football

email reply to SR on future athletic conference and added sports
Someday we hope to be in an athletic conference, but this is only our second year in existence and our high school just has freshmen and sophomores. Each year we will add a class. In a few years joining a conference might be feasible.

Being in a conference would be especially helpful in scheduling for football (which we are starting next year).

Presently we have cross country in the fall, basketball in winter, and track in the spring. Football will be added next year and other sports as student interest develops.

Gary Merrell
Athletic Director
Varsity Basketball Coach
Smith Academy for Excellence

Providence Cristo Rey

updated 8-11-13

CLICK HERE - Providence Cristo Rey Receives Initial Probationary Membership to the Indiana High School Athletic Association


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CLICK HERE - Homestead, Carroll looking at independence

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Homestead Still looking For A Conference Home

email reply to SR on future athletic conference status

Carroll High School is still exploring opportunities and figuring out what our future will be. We are moving on with our current schedule and have 2 years to figure out our future.,p>

Dan Ginder
Associate Principal/Athletic Director


updated 6-26-13

Homestead Still looking For A Conference Home

email reply to SR on future athletic conference status

Homestead's status is without a conference and we are exploring all options and moving forward with our current schedule. ,p>

Joe Updegrove 
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Northeast Corner Conference

updated 6-27-13

CLICK HERE - NECC football will have 2 divisions in ’14

Hoosier Heritage Conference

updated 6-13-13


The Hoosier Heritage Conference is proud to welcome New Castle High School as its newest and eighth member school. The HHC voted unanimously to this conference addition. New Castle High School boasts 21 varsity programs and a student population of approximately 1,100. New Castle has a storied athletic history that has amassed numerous sectional, regional, and state titles.

Their athletic and academic accomplishments blend well with a close geographic proximity to the current HHC member schools of Delta High School, Greenfield-Central High School, Mount Vernon High School, New Palestine High School, Pendleton Heights High School, Shelbyville High School and Yorktown High School. The Hoosier Heritage Conference was founded in 1993.

New Castle will continue their participation in the North Central Conference for this upcoming 2013-14 school year and begin official HHC competition in the 2014-15 school year.

“On behalf of the HHC, we look forward to many exciting athletic and academic competitions with The New Castle Trojans. Their reputation of quality student athletic programs will make for spirited conference contests in the future.” Kelly Wittman, 2013-14 Hoosier Heritage Conference President and Yorktown High School Principal.

New Conference

updated 6-13-13

CLICK HERE - Huntington North moving to new athletic conference

updated 6-6-13


email reply to SR on not be accepted into the new conference

We appreciated the opportunity to present to the NHC and wish them the best with their new conference. Concordia has been happy with the competition in the SAC and will remain a member.


Dean Doerffler
Athletic Director

Angola Statement

email reply to SR on not be accepted into the new conference

We were informed this afternoon that we will not be one of the two schools selected to join the "NHC". This actually is a huge relief for us as we can now concentrate solely on our NECC membership.

Mr. Travis Heavin
Angola High School

CLICK HERE - Leo, Huntington North join NHC schools for new conference

updated 5-30-13

CLICK HERE - 4 schools make presentations to join new league

updated 5-29-13

Meeting Update, Now Wait and See

Confirmed that four schools - Leo from the Allen County Athletic Conference, Angola from the North East Corner Conference, Huntington North from the North Central Conference and Concordia from the Summit Athletic Conference all gave presentations at the meeting. In an email reply to SR Concordia Athletic Director Dean Doerffler "We gave our presentation and now we wait and see."

CLICK HERE - Six NHC Schools, Four Others To Meet

An athletic director of one of the schools who will be at the meeting that he expects no action to be taken tonight. He equated tonight's meeting to a discussion athletic directors would have if they met in a coffee shop to informally gauge the interest of the schools involved.

updated 5-28-13

CLICK HERE - Huntington North Athletic Director confirms Norwell meeting

Concordia Confirms

Concordia Athletic Director Dean Doerffler confirms to SR that they will be attending Wednesday's meeting to dicuss a new athletic conference. The meeting is scheduled to be held at Norwell. Other schools mentioned in the Journal-Gazette article as attending are 6 Northeast Hoosier Conference members – Bellmont, Columbia City, DeKalb, East Noble, Norwell and New Haven – will meet with possibly four other schools Leo from the Allen County Athletic Conference, Angola from the North East Corner Conference, Huntington North from the North Central Conference and Concordia (now confirmed) from the Summit Athletic Conference.

CLICK HERE - Proposed new conference complicates NCC picture

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CLICK HERE - Meeting for new conference set

LaPorte La Lumiere

updated 6-3-13

CLICK HERE - In basketball recruiting, loosening travel restriction could stem tide of transfers to Prep Schools

New Castle

updated 6-2-13

CLICK HERE -New Castle superintendent discusses NCC situation

CLICK HERE -New Castle considering Hoosier Heritage Conference invitation

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CLICK HERE -Letter to the Editor - North Central Conference decision shouldn't be made by outsiders

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CLICK HERE -HHC makes sense for New Castle

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CLICK HERE -New Castle Principal denies report about NCC

CLICK HERE -Commentary: Reported New Castle addition will be great for HHC

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CLICK HERE -New Castle To The Hoosier Heritage Conference

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CLICK HERE - Will New Castle stay in expanded NCC?


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Garrett high school athletic director Chris Depew on why school is moving from ACAC to NECC

CLICK HERE - Railroaders return to NECC

CLICK HERE - Garrett Move To NECC Approved By School Board

updated 5-2-13

CLICK HERE - Garrett may rejoin NECC as conference moves continue

CLICK HERE - Garrett leaving ACAC for NECC

CLICK HERE - Garrett on verge of leaving ACAC for NECC

Garrett Invited To Rejoin NECC

Tweet from Mark Ridenour @AngolaAD
GARRETT ... Welcome we look forward to a great relationship for many years!

Tweet from Greg Jones @JGPrepsPlus
Garrett receives invitation to rejoin NECC. More than likely the Railroaders will leave ACAC. Board meeting May 20.


updated 5-7-13

CLICK HERE - Carroll Taking A Survey On Future Conference Affilation

Because all NHC member schools mutually agreed to dissolve the current NHC effective July 1, 2015, Carroll High School is gathering feedback from families currently involved in CHS athletics that will help determine future conference affiliation.

*********NOTE - We disabled the link above at the request of a Carroll HS official


Lapel To Exit ICC

Lapel High School is leaving the Indiana Crossroads Conference after the 2013-2014 school year. Lapel plans to honor all contracts (including football), however they have asked to to be released from football effective for the 2013 season.

This is based on a letter sent out to ICC schools and officials. We have emails for statements from everyone involded and will post when we receive them.

CLICK HERE - Information on the Indiana Crossroads Conference

Southern Wells

updated 5-3-13

Southern Wells To Remain In ACAC

Chad Yencer, Principal, Southern Wells
Today, Southern Wells High School administration met with officials from the ACAC member schools and a vote was taken that will continue our probationary status as a league member for one year. We will continue to work with member schools of the ACAC as conference realignments in the area unfold to determine the best course of action for the ACAC and for Southern Wells High School.

Steve Thompson, Athletic Director, Bluffton
The ACAC voted today for Southern Wells to remain in probationary status for one year. We will vote again next May

updated 4-7-13

Southern Wells Statement to THE SENIOR REPORTS

Southern Wells has a long history in the ACAC and we value our relationships with the member schools and our affiliation with the league. We are not actively looking to join another conference or to leave the league at this juncture. Last week we met with our school board in a public work session to discuss the anticipated addition of Jay County to the ACAC. We presented the enrollment information you have posted on your site as well as some positives regarding the addition of Jay County and continued membership in the league. We also shared some concerns given the large disparity in enrollment between our school and Jay County . As this was a work session, no formal decision was made at the meeting. We continue to discuss within our school community and will inform the ACAC of our intentions regarding all concerns by May.

Chad Yencer, Principal
Southern Wells Jr/Sr High

Southern Wells ponders its future in the ACAC


Southern Wells Junior-Senior High School Principal Chad Yencer told board members Tuesday that his students will play on their own football field this year, but he and other officials are now discussing who they’ll play.

Yencer and Athletic and Activities Director Ben Mann said the ACAC conference recently extended an invitation to Jay County High School to join, and “every indication tells us that they will accept,” Mann stated in a document he gave to board members during a work session Tuesday afternoon.

But more than 1,100 students attended Jay County this year which, he said, could spark “competitive balance issues” for the approximately 277 students who attend Southern Wells.

For instance, the two said, the larger school could afford to enlist more on its football team, and while Southern Wells students might need to play an entire game, Jay County could regularly rotate fresh players perhaps every quarter.

Currently, Mann said, the football team does not play in the ACAC, but the school officials don’t know if the conference will still allow that because Jay County’s inclusion creates an odd-numbered conference slate.

All sports could face similar disadvantages, Yencer and Mann said, and they didn’t want to imply that they were more concerned about the football team, but they were particularly concerned about it because of the sport’s physical demands.

However, if Southern Wells left the conference, Mann said, the school probably couldn’t find another to join. Also, ACAC membership allows teams to compete for conference championships, students to earn all-conference recognitions, and the school receives media coverage in Fort Wayne.

Board members Doug Klefeker and Bob Prible also said they would like the school to stay in the conference if possible and said those they’ve talked to generally agree.

Prible also said he thinks it helps students when they face stiffer competition.

“From a coaching standpoint, I don’t want to play someone who is not going to give us any challenges,” he said.

However, they too shared Mann and Yencer’s concern about football players’ safety.

Mann said he is meeting with other athletic officials next week, and perhaps he’ll see if the school — excluding its football team — can stay in the conference.

CLICK HERE - Southern Wells ponders its future in the ACAC


updated 3-26-13

CLICK HERE - 'No-vote' is troubling to BHS football supporter; Effort to start gridiron program dead for now


updated 4-29-13

CLICK HERE - IHSAA Board Approves Allowing Home-Schooled Students to Participate in Athletics

Jay County

updated 4-23-13

Statement From Jay County Superintendent Tim Long

Email reply sent to SR

It has been a three year journey for us, and we are very excited. There seemed to be three schools of thought in Jay County. 1) We needed a conference…..2) Accept the NCC……3) Accept the ACAC. I recommended number 3 after a lot of consideration. I thought we matched up better with the people and it would be better for our rivalries. Jay County brings a couple thousand people to most of our games. We wanted to maintain our “old school rivalry environment.” This should make for some great sporting events. I also wanted to morph our middle school schedules to cut down on travel. We are an “A rated” school district and we want to maintain that. This will get our students home sooner.

Statement From Steve Thompson, Athletic Director, Bluffton

Email reply sent to SR

We are excited that Jay County will become a member of the ACAC and we are confident that this move strengthens our conference in many ways. The athletes, coaches, and school personnel will fit very nicely in the ACAC and we look forward to a long lasting relationship.

CLICK HERE - ACAC wins contest to land Jay County

CLICK HERE - Jay County planning to join ACAC in 2014

updated 4-22-13

Jay County Picks ACAC

RT - @StarPressSports - Supt. Tim Long tells Star Press that Jay Co will join the ACAC in 2014-15. Jay also was invited to NCC

The BOE voted 7 to 0 to make the move

updated 4-17-13

CLICK HERE - Jay County to spurn North Central Conference for Allen County Athletic Conference

updated 3-31-13

CLICK HERE - ACAC awaiting Jay County

updated 3-22-13

Comments from ACAC Principal - Bluffton AD Steve Thompson

Thompson replied to an email from SR

Thoughts on Jay County

Jay County petitioned the conference for enrollment and the member schools believed that they were a good fit at this time. We are excited for what they can bring to the conference in regards to sport offerings, competitiveness, player and fan conduct, school personnel as well as their school has tremendous community support.

Southern Wells status as ACAC member and football participation As of now Southern Wells membership status has not changed. They are still determining if they will elect to play football in the future. No updates on that

CLICK HERE - ACAC offers Jay County invitation to join conference

updated 3-21-13

CLICK HERE - ACAC Extends Offer To Jay County

Jay County Gets ACAC Invitation

Greg Jones @JGPrepsPlus - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette ACAC extended an invitation for membership to Jay County, which has not accepted nor declined

updated 3-12-13

Jay County Still Considering NCC Invitation

SR sent an email to Jay County Board members asking for an update on the NCC membership invitation.

email reply from Jay County School Superintendent Tim Long
One of my Board members forwarded your email regarding our conference selection procedure. We are currently investigating our options and doing due diligence. I do anticipate taking some type of action to the Board in April. Our High School staff is in the middle of doing some research on this situation at this time, and I want a recommendation from them prior to moving forward on the issue. Our meeting is April 22.

updated 3-10-13

Not On Board Agenda

According to the Portland newspaper The Commercial Review : The Jay County Board of Education will not discuss the invitation to join the North Central Conference and is not on the agenda of Monday's (3-11-13) Jay School Board’s regular meeting.

updated 2-19-13

NCC Statement On Jay County

The North Central Conference (NCC) is neither discouraged nor disappointed in Jay County High School’s action to not take action on our invitation to become a member of the NCC. We understand that each school corporation has to feel comfortable when entering into an agreement to become a member of any athletic conference; they have a process they are following to ensure they make the right decision for all stakeholders at Jay County High School and the Portland community.

We are very comfortable with our decision to expand and will therefore plan for a 12 member conference in school year 2014 – 2015, this may or may not include Jay County High School. The NCC is excited about the direction of the conference and look forward to welcoming and working with Harrison, Lafayette Jefferson and McCutcheon High Schools as we continue to explore all possibilities to strengthen the conference for the future.

CLICK HERE - Jay County tables decision on NCC invite

Northeast Hoosier Conference

updated 4-22-13

CLICK HERE - Similarity Key to East Noble’s Next Conference

What's Next For NHC Members

SR asked NHC school officials to tell us what is up next for their schools in finding an athletic conference


Homestead Principal Steve Lake
"Now that the NHC schools have all agreed to withdraw from the conference, all AD’s will be charged with the task of determining the future of athletic schedules and programs for their schools. Our deadline for determination of our athletic program future is 7/1/15.”

updated 4-19-13

CLICK HERE - NHC folding in 2015

updated 4-18-13

CLICK HERE - Northeast Hoosier Conference to disband

CLICK HERE - NHC will disband after two more years

updated 4-11-13

CLICK HERE - Northeast Hoosier Conference may change

CLICK HERE - Conference chaos not limited to college athletics

CLICK HERE - Northeast Hoosier Conference reconsiders member schools

NHC Looking at Member Changes

(story courtesy - FROM STAFF REPORTS

High schools in the Northeast Hoosier Conference are “considering future conference membership affiliations,” said a news release issued Thursday.

DeKalb, East Noble and apparently the other six schools in the conference sent the release to news media simultaneously.

The release did not give details of the changes under consideration. Administrators for both DeKalb and East Noble high schools said they would not make any comments beyond the four sentences of the news release.

The statement said “disparity among schools in terms of enrollment continues to grow” in the conference.

The largest NHC school, Homestead, with 2,260 students, has grown to nearly three times the size of the smallest, Bellmont, with 772 students, according to enrollment figures from the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

The second-largest school, Carroll, has 2,051 students. From there, enrollment drops sharply to the third-largest school, East Noble, with 1,227 students. Other enrollment figures are: DeKalb 1,171, Columbia City 1,086. New Haven 1,068 and Norwell 810.

This fall, Homestead and Carroll will move into the IHSAA’s new football Class 6A for the state’s 32 largest high schools. Five NHC schools will be in Class 4A, with Bellmont in Class 3A.

Speculation on possible new members for the NHC has mentioned Angola, with 938 students, and Leo, with 932. Both are 4A schools in football.

In a Jan. 15 school board meeting, Angola High School athletic director Mark Ridenour reported that area schools had discussed starting a new, eight-school conference with schools comparable to Angola’s size. He did not reveal the names of the schools involved. Angola now ranks as the largest school in the Northeast Corner Conference and is the NECC’s only Class 4A football school.

At the meeting, Ridenour said it would take around two years to accomplish a change in conferences.

In March 2012, the Indiana Basketball Digest website reported that NHC officials had met to discuss a change in the conference lineup, with representatives of five outside schools invited to attend.

Our news partner, WANE-TV, reported Thursday that a meeting of NHC principals and athletic directors is scheduled for April 18.

The Northeast Hoosier Conference formed in 1989 when six schools broke away from the Northeast Indiana Athletic Conference, which then dissolved, and joined with Carroll and Norwell, which left the Allen County Athletic Conference.

The complete text of Thursday’s statement from NHC schools:

“Conversations have occurred throughout the school year regarding many different factors concerning the NHC member schools. In analyzing many different factors, disparity among schools in terms of enrollment continues to grow. As a result of these discussions, NHC principals and athletic directors will be considering future conference membership affiliations. All member schools will abide by the constitution established by the NHC in the process.”


updated 4-17-13

CLICK HERE - IPS chief says 59 layoffs among many hard choices

updated 4-15-13

CLICK HERE - IPS coaches expected to lose full-time positions as part of staffing reduction

Jay County

updated 3-31-13

CLICK HERE - ACAC awaiting Jay County

updated 3-22-13

Comments from ACAC Principal - Bluffton AD Steve Thompson

Thompson replied to an email from SR

Thoughts on Jay County

Jay County petitioned the conference for enrollment and the member schools believed that they were a good fit at this time. We are excited for what they can bring to the conference in regards to sport offerings, competitiveness, player and fan conduct, school personnel as well as their school has tremendous community support.

Southern Wells status as ACAC member and football participation As of now Southern Wells membership status has not changed. They are still determining if they will elect to play football in the future. No updates on that

CLICK HERE - ACAC offers Jay County invitation to join conference

updated 3-21-13

CLICK HERE - ACAC Extends Offer To Jay County

Jay County Gets ACAC Invitation

Greg Jones @JGPrepsPlus - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette ACAC extended an invitation for membership to Jay County, which has not accepted nor declined

updated 3-12-13

Jay County Still Considering NCC Invitation

SR sent an email to Jay County Board members asking for an update on the NCC membership invitation.

email reply from Jay County School Superintendent Tim Long
One of my Board members forwarded your email regarding our conference selection procedure. We are currently investigating our options and doing due diligence. I do anticipate taking some type of action to the Board in April. Our High School staff is in the middle of doing some research on this situation at this time, and I want a recommendation from them prior to moving forward on the issue. Our meeting is April 22.

updated 3-10-13

Not On Board Agenda

According to the Portland newspaper The Commercial Review : The Jay County Board of Education will not discuss the invitation to join the North Central Conference and is not on the agenda of Monday's (3-11-13) Jay School Board’s regular meeting.

updated 2-19-13

NCC Statement On Jay County

The North Central Conference (NCC) is neither discouraged nor disappointed in Jay County High School’s action to not take action on our invitation to become a member of the NCC. We understand that each school corporation has to feel comfortable when entering into an agreement to become a member of any athletic conference; they have a process they are following to ensure they make the right decision for all stakeholders at Jay County High School and the Portland community.

We are very comfortable with our decision to expand and will therefore plan for a 12 member conference in school year 2014 – 2015, this may or may not include Jay County High School. The NCC is excited about the direction of the conference and look forward to welcoming and working with Harrison, Lafayette Jefferson and McCutcheon High Schools as we continue to explore all possibilities to strengthen the conference for the future.

CLICK HERE - Jay County tables decision on NCC invite

Southwest Seven Conference

updated 2-13-13

North Daviess

confirmed today that North Daviess has left the Southwest Seven Conference. AD Brent Dalrymple confirmed the change and also told us they do not have an option to join another conference at this time.

email from - Jed Jerrels - North Daviess Jr/Sr High School, Principal
“We evaluate all sports programing on an ongoing basis and felt that taking North Putman as a football opponent in our week five was what we needed to do”

updated 1-29-13

CLICK HERE - Linton-Stockton drops out of Southwest 7

Email reply to SR on future status of the the conference

Wood Memorial AD Steve Kilian
The Southwest 7 will consist of 6 teams next year. Same teams as before except Linton-Stockton.

Email reply to SR on future status for Linton-Stockton

Linton-Stockton AD Charlie Karazsia
We will remain an independent for now.

Muncie Southside

updated 2-13-13

Sothside's Future

email reply to SR on future of Southside athletic program

Tom Lyon - AD - Muncie Southside
At this time we are disappointed that we were not invited to join the NCC. We still don’t know how the HHC will move forward with finding a new school for their conference. We will continue as an independent and keep looking for a conference fit for our school.

CLICK HERE - Southside H.S. remains independent in athletics

New Conference Forming

updated 2-1-13


SR sent email requests to schools who were invited to consider forming a new athletic conference

RequestWould like to verify the information below and get a statement we can post on our site. Appreciate any help and details you can give us.

Shenandoah, Taylor, Eastern Greentown, and Lapel met last week to discuss forming a new conference........a handful of CIC schools as well as Sheridan and Tri Central

REPLY from Dave Driggs, Tri-Central MS/HS Principal
Tri-Central did receive information from this group. We feel like this would be a good conference but at this time Tri-Central has no interest in leaving the Hoosier Heartland Conference.

Conference Indiana

updated 1-24-13

CLICK HERE - Conference Indiana-Pike, Lawrence Central will be dropped immediately following the current school year

Written by Jay Heater - The Republic
Conference Indiana dodged major scheduling problems for its football members Wednesday when it announced that Terre Haute North Vigo and Terre Haute South Vigo would be added to the conference as football-only members starting with the next school year.

As well as announcing the addition of the two Terre Haute schools, Conference Indiana also announced that Lawrence Central and Pike, which earlier had decided to leave the conference after the next school year, would be dropped immediately following the current school year.

Lawrence Central and Pike had defected from Conference Indiana to join the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference, which earlier had dropped the Terre Haute schools. Although Conference Indiana schools still would have had Lawrence Central and Pike on their 2013 schedules, it was creating anxiety about the future when few schools showed interest in joining Conference Indiana.

Although Terre Haute is about a two-hour drive from Columbus, North Athletic Director Jeff Hester said the move is a blessing.

“As we looked at our options, going to Terre Haute one time a year and having a set schedule was better than the alternative,” said Hester, who also serves as Conference Indiana president. “We were not going to be able to find anything close.”

Hester had been concerned Columbus North would have to schedule out-of-state teams to fill openings left by the defections of Lawrence Central and Pike.

The inclusion of the Terre Haute schools developed quickly in the past three weeks after three meetings with Conference Indiana’s six schools (Columbus North, Perry Meridian, Bloomington South, Bloomington North, Southport and Franklin Central) and the two Terre Haute schools. The final meeting was Wednesday, when the deal was approved.

Hester said the deal basically is a “two-year trial” as Conference Indiana decides whether to take the two Terre Haute schools into the conference as full members. For the next two years, Terre Haute will be able to participate in non-football conference tournaments as non-scoring members.

“We are going to look at our options,” Hester said. “Can we be creative with our scheduling?”

Although the Terre Haute schools are somewhat isolated, Hester said they were elated at the new deal.

“They are still struggling,” he said. “This was a huge relief to them.”

It also was a relief to Hester.

“I think this is a win-win situation for football,” he said. “It puts their mind at ease about the future of their scheduling, and it fills two holes in our schedule. Other than distance, this is a great fit athletically and academically.”

Terre Haute North was 6-5 last season in football, while Terre Haute South finished 3-7.

updated 11-11-12

CLICK HERE - Conference Indiana loses Pike, Lawrence Central

updated 11-10-12

CLICK HERE - Conference looking to replace departing schools


updated 11-9-12

THE SENIOR REPORTS via email asked Roncalli if they were considering a move to Conference Indiana.

reply from Chuck Weisenbach, Principal

As has been the case in all previous instances when Roncalli has been mentioned for possible conference affiliation, we feel compelled to look at the situation and see if it would be a good fit for our school, community and teams. We have had a long standing relationship with some of the schools in Conference Indiana so there is at least some familiarity with RHS on the part of some of the conference schools.

Columbus East

updated 11-9-12

THE SENIOR REPORTS via email asked Columbus East if they were considering a move to Conference Indiana.

reply from Athletic Director Bob Gaddis

Columbus East, one of the founding members of the Hoosier Hills Athletic Conference, is staying in the HHC. The HHC has been and will continue to be a great fit for all 20 of our athletic teams.

Terre Haute North and South

updated 1-23-13


The Conference Indiana Executive Committee, comprised of the principals from Bloomington High School North, Bloomington High School South, Columbus North High School, Franklin Central High School, Perry Meridian High School and Southport High School are very pleased to announce for the sport of football only, to grant temporary membership for a period of no more than two football seasons to Terre Haute North Vigo High School and Terre Haute South Vigo High School.

Conference Indiana has based its foundation on doing everything possible to provide opportunities for student success in both the classroom and athletic arena. Conference Indiana schools pride themselves with putting students first and foremost emphasizing sportsmanship, loyalty and commitment to excellence. The Conference Indiana Executive Committee believes both Terre Haute North Vigo High School and Terre Haute Vigo South High School have rich traditions in placing an emphasis on students first, sportsmanship, loyalty and commitment to excellence making them a perfect fit for Conference Indiana.

In the spirit of sportsmanship and loyalty, Conference Indiana will provide both Terre Haute schools with the opportunity to compete in conference tournaments in cross country, track, swimming and golf. Although the schools will not be included in Conference Indiana standings, the student athletes from both Terre Haute North Vigo and Terre Haute South Vigo High Schools will still have opportunities to compete in tournament competition.

Terre Haute Schools and Conference Indiana

THN, THS football joins Conference Ind.

from Dave Schmidt of THE SENIOR REPORTS


Hats off from THE SENIOR REPORTS to Conference Indiana

We work with a lot of schools and conferences, the move to add the Terre Haute schools for football is one of "class". Plus CI also is allowing some TH teams to compete at conference meets. CI approached them with the plan, Terre Haute schools could have been independents for a long time.

Sure CI needed a solution, they found one and made it work for all involved. It is not a perfect solution but in the long run it could bring that "perfect" place. Read our article about how a situation like this can be turned into a positive -

Conference Indiana "set" the example, they were "not" the example...let's hope in the future other school and conference administrators can learn from this.

Class Basketball

updated 1-9-13

CLICK HERE - Bill introduced to put Indiana high school basketball multi-class issue on 2014 ballot

CLICK HERE - Class basketball update

Fort Wayne Area

updated 12-14-12

Statement from Angola

THE SENIOR REPORTS sent the following email question to Angola-

With all of the talks of changes taking place your school is one that comes up as one looking to make a change. Would like a statement on all of this.

email reply from Angola Princial Travis Heavin
Like all schools Angola is always investigating and looking for what is best for our students.

Statement from Fort Wayne South Side

THE SENIOR REPORTS sent the following email question to South Side-

Would like a statement on possible changes in the SAC, possible additions and or loss of a SAC member.

email reply from South Side AD Tim Burton
There is absolutely nothing to report

Statement from Concordia

THE SENIOR REPORTS sent the following email question to Concordia-

With all of the talks of changes taking place your school is one that comes up as one looking to make a change. Would like a statement on all of this.

email reply from Concordia AD Dean Doerffler
Concordia is a member of the Summit Athletic Conference and will continue to be a member of the Summit Athletic Conference.

updated 12-13-12

CLICK HERE - Changes could be coming for schools

updated 12-12-12

CLICK HERE - High School Realignment Talks Begin

CLICK HERE - Conference change in the air?


updated 12-14-12

THE SENIOR REPORTS sent the following email question to Yorktown-

we're hearing that Delta and Yorktown are looking to leave the Hoosier Heritage Conference

email reply from Yorktown AD Dan Wolfert
Yorktown High School has NO interest in leaving the Hoosier Heritage Conference. It has never been brought up or discussed on our end and is strictly a rumor. We are very interested in pursuing (as a conference) other potential schools in hopes to replace Rushville and expand the HHC going forward into the future.

Central Indiana Area

updated 12-12-12

CLICK HERE - Conference changes could have ripple effect

Includes information on... Hoosier Crossroads Conference, Hoosier Heritage Conference and Central Indiana Conference


updated 12-9-12

EMAIL sent from THE SENIOR REPORTS to Frankfort and Greencastle school administration.

Looking to verify if Frankfort will be leaving the Sagamore Conference and Greencastle will replace them.

email reply from Frankfort Athletic Director Edward Niehaus
Frankfort is a founding member of the Sagamore Conference. We continue to be a strong and supportive school within the conference, and will continue to do so. WE HAVE NO PLANS AND DO NOT INTEND TO LEAVE THE SAGAMORE CONFERENCE AT ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE. We also strongly support all of out schools within the Sagamore Conference.

Covenant Christian

updated 12-10-12

CLICK HERE - Covenant Christian will add football program in fall of 2014

updated 12-9-12

Email answer to this question from THE SENIOR REPORTS -

Will you be joining a conference or play as an independent?

email reply from Covenant Christian Athletic Director Andy Gossel
It's an exciting time and decision for our athletic department. For foreseeable future, we will remain an independent. We have had discussions in the past about joining a conference, but nothing was a fit at those times. Not sure if that will ever change. It would be something that we would be interested in investigating if it made sense for our school and our programs.

CLICK HERE - Covenant Christian to Add Football in 2014

CLICK HERE - for the official decision release

Hoosier Crossroads Conference

updated 12-8-12

CLICK HERE - Hoosier Crossroads affiliation coming to an end for Harrison, Lafayette Jeff, McCutcheon

CLICK HERE - Hoosier Crossroads Conference cutting ties with Lafayette-area schools

Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference

updated 11-9-12

CLICK HERE - COMPLETE COVERAGE - Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference Expansion

updated 12-10-12

CLICK HERE - The MIC expands, adds 7 New Schools

TH North-TH South voted out of the MIC

updated 11-9-12

CLICK HERE - Update: MIC replaces North, South beginning with 2014-15 sports seasons

CLICK HERE - More on MIC expanding to add Lawrence Central, Pike

CLICK HERE - Lawrence Central, Pike to replace Terre Haute North, South in MIC for 2014-15

CLICK HERE - MIC replaces North, South beginning with 2014-15 sports seasons

CLICK HERE - TH North-TH South voted out of the MIC

updated 9-9-12

CLICK HERE - Statement Request on Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference Expansion

updated 9-11-12

CLICK HERE - SIAC looking at adding Terre Haute schools

in a reply to an email from THE SENIOR REPORTS (9-11-12)

At this time, we will have no further comment past what was printed in today’s Evansville Courier regarding the request from THS and THN to join the SIAC until after our October 9th conference meeting.

Paul Neidig, CAA
Deputy Chief of Staff/Director of Athletics
Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

CLICK HERE - Conference realignment has Terre Haute schools looking beyond the MIC

CLICK HERE - More on MIC expansion, realignment

TH North/TH South looking for new conference

updated 9-9-12

CLICK HERE - Statement Request on Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference Expansion

updated 9-9-12

CLICK HERE - MIC expansion spurs talk

updated 9-6-12

CLICK HERE - MIC detractors: Be careful what you wish for

updated 8-31-12

CLICK HERE - Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference ponders big expansion

Success Factor

updated 11-27-12

CLICK HERE - Football tourney is a joke

updated 11-26-12

CLICK HERE - Tournament success factor is coming at the right time

CLICK HERE - UPDATED FOOTBALL Success Factors For Next Year



CLICK HERE - UPDATED BOYS SOCCER Success Factors For Next Year

CLICK HERE - Success Factor Formula

Switzerland County

updated 12-1-12

CLICK HERE - School board officially approves football beginning next fall

updated 11-15-12

CLICK HERE - Switzerland County School Board hears presentation on football, expected to make final decision this Monday

Northern States Conference


updated 11-27-12

email reply to us from Rochester Athletic Director Ryan Helt

Rochester has not received an invitation to join the NSC and has not been contacted in any official capacity by the conference regarding the matter.

NOTE - Rochester is currently a member of the Three Rivers Conference

updated 11-26-12

NSC Considers Adding North Judson

We have confirmed that North Judson gave a presentation to the NSC Board of Directors on November 5th to possibly be added as the 9th member. According to a NSC official any decision on this issue has been tabled for future consideration (most likely at the Spring meeting).

North Judson

updated 6-12-12

email reply to us from a NSC Athletic Director

NJSP (North Judson) will meet with the NSC Board this coming fall. NO formal request has been offered as of yet.

They are interested - but there is NOTHING to report other than that.

Three Rivers Conference

Peru Will Not Be Joining TRC

Confirmed thru a TRC school administrator that Peru will not be joining the TRC after a conference meeting was held in Novemeber. No word on why the conference or Peru came to this finding. Peru is presently a member of the Mid Indiana Conference.

updated 10-17-12

Still Looking For An Official Statement

THE SENIOR REPORTS has made numerous attempts to obtain a statement from TRC officials and at this time we have received nothing. We are still hoping to get information that will verify that Peru had applied to the TRC for membership, but was turned down because the conference was unable to obtain a 10th member.

We do appreciate Peru school officials sending us a reply on their conference status. It is disappointing for us that TRC officials have decided to not reply to our requests.

CLICK HERE - Three Rivers Conference Background and information


updated 10-5-12

Peru Not Leaving Mid Indiana Conference

THE SENIOR REPORTS sent an email to Peru asking if they had plans to leave the MIC? Below is the reply.

Peru values its relationships with the Mid Indiana Conference schools and feels the MIC is a well-respected conference throughout the state and a great fit for Peru. If there ever is a change in conference affiliation for Peru, the MIC schools will be the first to be contacted because of the mutual respect we have for each other.

Brian Strong - Athletic Director - Peru High School

Future Conference Expansion

updated 11-15-12

CLICK HERE - High school conference expansion: With Pike, Lawrence Central headed to MIC, what's next?

Southern Indiana Athletic Conference

updated 10-9-12

Southern Indiana Athletic Conference Says No To Terre Haute Schools

The Southern Indiana Athletic Conference Board of Directors completed their fall business meeting this afternoon. A variety of conference business was completed at this meeting. One of the agenda items was a request on the part of Terre Haute South and Terre Haute North to join the SIAC.

SIAC President John Skinner led a discussion among all Principals and Athletic Directors of the SIAC. Concerns related to the pros and cons of the Terre Haute request were explored at length. All schools were allowed input on the request.

After much discussion, Mr. Skinner asked for a motion to be made relative to the inclusion of Terre Haute North and Terre Haute South as members of the Southern Indiana Athletic Conference. A motion was made and seconded to NOT offer admittance to the SIAC to the Terre Haute schools. The motion was passed by a unanimous vote. Terre Haute North and South will NOT be invited to join the SIAC.

Mr. Skinner was then directed by the SIAC board to inform the Terre Haute schools of the conference decision prior to 4 pm on the day of the meeting. Mr. Evers was also directed to produce and release a statement regarding the SIAC the media by 4 pm on October 9th.

CLICK HERE - North, South denied by Southern Indiana Athletic Conference

Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference

updated 10-4-12

CLICK HERE - HCC claims solidarity against MIC expansion

Hoosier Crossroads Conference Statement
email from Brownsburg Principal Bret Daghe

“HCC principals and athletic directors met today 10/3/12 to discuss conference business. We left the meeting with a continued and renewed commitment to be the premier conference in the state athletically and academically. At this time no schools have applied to join another conference.”

Southern Indiana Athletic Conference
The SIAC Board of Directors will meet at 1pm on Tuesday, October 9th. An agenda item for discussion is the request from Terre Haute North and Terre Haute South to enter the SIAC.

The board will discuss the request and most likely make a decision at that meeting. I will issue a press release to all media at 4 pm on that date. You will receive a copy of that release.

John Evers, SIAC Secretary

updated 9-11-12

CLICK HERE - SIAC looking at adding Terre Haute schools

in a reply to an email from THE SENIOR REPORTS (9-11-12)

At this time, we will have no further comment past what was printed in today’s Evansville Courier regarding the request from THS and THN to join the SIAC until after our October 9th conference meeting.

Paul Neidig, CAA
Deputy Chief of Staff/Director of Athletics
Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

CLICK HERE - Conference realignment has Terre Haute schools looking beyond the MIC

CLICK HERE - More on MIC expansion, realignment

TH North/TH South looking for new conference

updated 9-9-12

CLICK HERE - Statement Request on Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference Expansion

updated 9-9-12

CLICK HERE - MIC expansion spurs talk

updated 9-6-12

CLICK HERE - MIC detractors: Be careful what you wish for

updated 8-31-12

CLICK HERE - Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference ponders big expansion

Mid-Hoosier Conference

updated 9-27-12

CLICK HERE - Royals were without conference previous two years

Courtesy Greenfield Reporter, Written by Grant Freking

CHARLOTTESVILLE — For the first time in two years, Eastern Hancock belongs to a conference. The Royals, who have competed as an independent since the 2010-11 school year following the dissolution of the White River Conference, are now members of the Mid-Hoosier Conference.

MHC administrators approved EH last September. Originally, the Royals were slated to join their new conference in individual sports this school year and in team sports next fall. However, EH athletic director Aaron Spaulding said the school was able to get its schedules in line with the rest of the MHC and that his programs are “100 percent” committed for 2012-13.

“We were concerned out of the gate as to whether we could get all of our team sports in. Individual sports were a lot easier because there’s generally just one meet — like a cross country meet for instance — where all the schools just got on one day,” Spaulding said. “We were able to get those schedules matched up.”

The Mid-Hoosier Conference currently contains eight other schools: Edinburgh, Hauser, Indian Creek, Morristown, North Decatur, South Decatur, Southwestern and Waldron. Knightstown will be admitted as the conference’s 10th member in 2013-14. EH effectively took the place of Triton Central, which left the MHC for the Indiana Crossroads Conference.

The MHC will serve as Eastern Hancock’s third conference affiliation since the school’s inception in 1969. EH was a member of the Big Blue River Conference from 1969 until 1989. The Big Blue River experienced a mass exodus of schools in 1989, forcing the Royals to function as an independent athletic program before joining the White River Athletic Conference in 1997.

Aside from the ability it gives his athletes to compete for conference championships and to garner all-conference honors, Spaulding is eager to see his program finish atop the MHC’s All-Sport Points Standings.

The higher place a sport finishes in its respective conference race — 11 points are awarded for first place — the more points the sport accumulates for its school. At the end of the school year, a boys’ and girls’ champion is determined.

For the 2011-12 school year, Hauser won the boys’ title with 50.5 points and Indian Creek took the girls’ championship with 55.5 points.

“It collectively puts our athletes in a position where they’re competing together,” Spaulding said. “It makes every conference game meaningful.”

The Mid-Hoosier Conference’s sports are volleyball, baseball and softball as well as the following boys’ and girls’ sports: tennis, cross country, golf and basketball.

Most MHC schools do not have wrestling and swimming programs.

Four MHC schools that compete in football — Eastern Hancock, Indian Creek, North Decatur and South Decatur — belong to the Mid-Indiana Football Conference, and Knightstown will compete in the MIFC next season. Milan also competes in the MIFC. Triton Central was in the MIFC before its departure.

Though his team isn’t directly affected by the school’s new conference, EH football coach Pat Echeverriabelieves in breeding a championship-winning mentality for all blue-and-white athletic programs.

“They have the conference championship, they have their county championship and now they go on to the sectionals,” said Echeverria, now in his second season. “It gives them experience with the tournament format. I think it’s going to help all of our sports.

“You have a consistent pool of teams that you’re going to be playing with every year.”

Spaulding, who will enter his 14th season as EH’s boys’ basketball coach this winter, spent the summer tinkering his own squad’s schedule in addition to rest of the Eastern Hancock teams.

The boys’ basketball team has 20 games on its docket for next winter. Seventeen of those opponents are a conference, county or a potential sectional opponent.

“It ties some stakes to most games we play,” said Spaulding, whose unit finished last season 12-11 and reached the sectional finals. “It helps you motivate emotionally and mentally.”

According to 2011-12 IHSAA figures, Eastern Hancock is the third-biggest school in the Mid-Hoosier Conference with 351 students. Only Indian Creek (611) and North Decatur (366) have higher enrollments.Waldron (228) possesses the lowest student body total.

Erin Wolski, coach of the EH boys’ and girls’ tennis teams, is looking forward to the opportunity to play schools of a similar size on a regular basis.

“Being a part of a conference can help make matches more competitive since they have more riding on them,” said Wolski, in her second season coaching both tennis programs.

Spaulding said the only downside of the Mid-Hoosier Conference membership is the lengthy travel time that will occur. Excluding Knightstown (6.1 miles) and Morristown (15.3 miles), each of the other MHC schools is at least 37.5 miles away from Eastern Hancock. Indian Creek is the furthest from Charlottesville at 60.3 miles.

“That will be a little bit of an adjustment for us, so we’ll have to certainly get used to that a little bit,” Spaulding said.

Linking up with the MHC also presents Spaulding with another way to measure the success of EH’s athletic programs.

“Some schools in various parts of the state are well-known, but they’re only known for one thing. Maybe they’re known for football, softball, whatever,” Spaulding said. “I really want it to be where all of our sports are very competitive and this gives us a good opportunity to do that.”

For Echeverria, belonging to the MHC or MIFC is a no-brainer.

“It’s great that we’re in a conference,” said the former Pike assistant. “There’s no reason we shouldn’t be in a conference.”


Distance from Eastern Hancock to MHC schools
Edinburgh: 52.2 miles
Hauser: 46 miles
Indian Creek: 60.3 miles
Knightstown: 6.1 miles#
Morristown: 15.3 miles
North Decatur: 41 miles
South Decatur: 56.0 miles
Southwestern: 38.3 miles
Waldron: 37.5 miles

# Joins MHC in 2013-14
Student enrollment
Eastern Hancock: 351
Edinburgh: 278
Hauser: 258
Indian Creek: 611
Knightstown: 399#
Morristown: 233
North Decatur: 366
South Decatur: 286
Southwestern: 237
Waldron: 228

# Joins MHC in 2013-14
EH Conference Timeline
Big Blue River: 1969-1989

White River: 1997-2010

Mid-Hoosier: 2012-
Reigning MHC champions
Girls’ golf: N/A
Boys’ tennis: Indian Creek
Girls’ cross country: South Decatur
Boys’ cross country: Indian Creek
Volleyball: Hauser
Girls’ basketball: Triton Central*
Boys’ basketball: Edinburgh
Girls’ track: Indian Creek
Boys’ track: Indian Creek
Girls’ tennis: Indian Creek
Softball: Edinburgh
Boys’ golf: North Decatur
Baseball: Triton Central*

*Has left MHC for Indiana Crossroads Conference
Note: Eastern Hancock belongs to the Mid-Hoosier Conference in all sports except swimming, wrestling and football. Most MHC schools do not have swimming and wrestling programs, and not all have football teams. Eastern Hancock belongs to the Mid-Indiana Football Conference with Indian Creek, North Decatur, South Decatur and Milan. Knightstown will join the MIFC in 2013.

updated 3-18-12

CLICK HERE - MHC welcomes Eastern Hancock

updated 9-8-11

East Hancock Has New Home

CHARLOTTESVILLE — After two school years without a conference affiliation, the Eastern Hancock athletic program has a new home. Beginning next school year for individual sports and in 2013-14 for team sports, the Royals will participate in the Mid-Hoosier Conference. MHC administrators unanimously approved Eastern Hancock as the conference’s ninth member on Tuesday. The Mid-Hoosier currently includes nine schools — Edinburgh, Hauser, Indian Creek, Morristown, North Decatur, South Decatur, Southwestern, Triton Central and Waldron — but Triton Central is leaving for the Indiana Crossroads Conference next year.

The Royals were part of the White River Conference for several years along with Lapel, Shenandoah and Knightstown until 2010-11, when Lapel left the WRC, effectively disbanding the conference.

Eastern Hancock athletic director Aaron Spaulding believes belonging to a conference is important. “There are several positives,” he said. “It’s another opportunity for our kids to be recognized, as far as allconference and things like that.

“It’s another opportunity for kids to compete for a championship, especially in the single-class sports like track, where realistically it’s going to be difficult to win a sectional. A conference gives you a chance to compete on a level playing field.”

Beginning next school year, the Royals will compete for conference titles in golf, tennis, track and field and cross country. One downside for the Royals: most MHC schools do not have wrestling and swimming programs, as the Royals do, so those EH teams will continue to compete independently.

In two years, Eastern Hancock will try to win its first MHC championships in boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball.

Jumping from a schedule that included only three White River Conference opponents two years ago to a MHC eight-game schedule will be an advantage, Spaulding said.

“It’s going to help us as far as motivation,” said Spaulding, also the EH boys’ basketball coach. “There’s going to be very few … I don’t want to say ‘off nights,’ but just about every game on our schedule now will be either a county game, a conference game or a game against a sectional opponent.

“Every game will have extra importance.”

Among the recent MHC successes, Hauser won the boys’ basketball Class A state title in 2006 and Waldron won the boys’ basketball Class A state championship in 2004. Morristown won a Class A state championship in 2004 in volleyball. In girls’ basketball, Indian Creek finished last season ranked in the top 10 in Class 2A.

“I think it’s a solid conference,” Spaudling said. “Like all small schools, there are ups and downs. But, at any one time, there are successful Mid-Hoosier programs in every sport.

“It’s a place where we’ll fit well. We’re smack down the middle as far as enrollment goes.” In the class sports, Eastern Hancock is 2A, as is North Decatur. Indian Creek is 3A, while Edinburgh, Hauser, Morristown, South Decatur, Southwestern and Waldron are Class A.

Eastern Hancock will be the northern most school in the MHC, although the Royals already compete against some of the MHC programs in most sports. Spaulding didn’t comment on possible schedule changes, but to make room for the entire slate of MHC games, the Royals might drop teams such as Elwood, Frankton, Sheridan and Muncie Burris — teams currently on either the EH boys’ or girls’ basketball schedule that aren’t common sectional opponents.

Football will not be affected by the move. The Royals already compete in the Mid-Indiana Football Conference — an offshoot of the MHC — with Indian Creek, North Decatur, South Decatur, Milan and (for now) Triton Central, and the Royals will continue to play in the MIFC. Most of the other Mid-Hoosier schools do not have football programs.

CLICK HERE - Royals without conference since White River disbanded

Greater South Shore Conference

updated 9-26-12

CLICK HERE - Strength in numbers for GSSC football

CLICK HERE - GSSC votes in Hanover Central for next year

CLICK HERE - Hanover to shift to GSSC next season

CLICK HERE - Hanover Central ousted from PCC sooner than later

updated 5-21-12

CLICK HERE - Hanover Central to GSSC; Boone Up Next? Westville To PCC?

updated 5-19-12

CLICK HERE - Hanover Central voted into Greater South Shore Conference

Porter County Conference

updated 9-27-12 (story from 5-24-12)

CLICK HERE - Eight's the magic number for the PCC

updated 8-27-12

Boone Grove

reply to our email - Is Boone Grove looking to leave the PCC?

Boone Grove High School has not made any indications towards leaving the PCC.

Kerrie Schludecker, Director of Athletics, Boone Grove High School

South Central

reply to our email - Is South Central looking to leave the PCC?

South Central has no indication or desire to leave the PCC and will remain a member of the conference.

Dan Klimczak, Athletic Director - South Central High School
pdated 8-17-12


email reply to THE SENIOR REPORTS question Are you still talking with the PCC about membership?

Yes we are. We plan on making a formal proposal at a meeting this fall to the (PCC) conference principals.

Ken Shilt
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Westville Middle School / High School

Hanover Central

updated 4-19-12

email reply to The Senior Reports, after GSSC AD meeting
Mr. Brooks (Hanover Cental AD) presented. He and his principal will present at the (GSSC) Board of Control meeting in May. No decisions will be made until the principals can review all the facts after the May meeting.

Randy Stelter, Athletic Director Wheeler High School (GSSC)

updated 4-16-12

email reply to The Senior Reports
Good Morning Dave,

I just received a letter this morning from Jeff Brooks, AD at Hanover. He will present at our AD meeting on Thursday. The process will be determined by the GSSC principals and ADs. The time line will be discussed at Thursday's meeting and a discussion amongst the conference principals at the May meeting will determine whether or not to continue to discuss the process of admitting another school to the GSSC.

Thank you,

Randy Stelter, Athletic Director Wheeler High School

updated 4-14-12

CLICK HERE - Hanover Central looking to leave the PCC


updated 9-9-12

CLICK HERE - Leo Schedules Two SAC football schools (second section of article)

Faith Christian

updated 9-8-12

CLICK HERE - Faith Christian's IHSAA membership a big step, but path hasn't changed


updated 8-31-12

CLICK HERE - IBCA moving forward with committee to study alternative basketball tourney formats


pdated 8-8-12

CLICK HERE - IHSAA Denies Two Schools Membership

updated 7-24-12

CLICK HERE - Class 6A football plans still in flux

updated 7-22-12

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updated 7-10-12

CLICK HERE - Indiana sticking with multiclass basketball tournament

updated 7-6-12

CLICK HERE - IHSAA Commissioner Issues Final Report on Basketball Tournament Formats

CLICK HERE - IHSAA Report On Basketball Tournaments

updated 7-2-12

CLICK HERE - School consolidations have changed Indiana basketball landscape

updated 6-27-12

CLICK HERE - IHSAA makes flawed system worse

updated 6-26-12

CLICK HERE - CP, LC, Merrillville to Class 6A

updated 6-22-12

CLICK HERE - IHSAA to Expand Football Class System and Add Success Factor

updated 5-27-12

CLICK HERE - IHSAA's Cox: Public favors single-class basketball tournament

updated 5-10-12

CLICK HERE - Survey: 49 percent favor one-class system

updated 5-2-12


CLICK HERE - IHSAA Basketball Town Hall Meeting in Milan brings back many fond memories

updated 4-30-12

CLICK HERE - IHSAA Board Tables Success Factor Proposal for Further Study

updated 4-26-12

CLICK HERE - 'Hoosier Hysteria' gets little love at IHSAA Merrillville Town Hall meeting

CLICK HERE - Local sentiment favors current IHSAA system over return to single-class tournament

updated 4-18-12

CLICK HERE -PLAINFIELD - Multiclass basketball meetings: Players to be polled, Bobby Cox may add meetings

updated 4-17-12

CLICK HERE - Class basketball debate draws 46 to Vincennes

updated 4-11-12

CLICK HERE - Class hoops’ 1st debate attracts 60 to Northrop

CLICK HERE - IHSAA holds town hall meeting at Northrop

CLICK HERE - Both sides of debate presented at meeting

CLICK HERE - VIDEO - Hoosiers Sound Off on Class Basketball

updated 3-24-12

CLICK HERE - State senator, IHSAA commissioner set meetings on single-class basketball

Allen County Athletic Conference

updated 7-21-12

CLICK HERE - Southern Wells, ACAC part on football

updated 9-23-11

We sent the following email to Steve Rhoades the President of the ACAC and the athletic director at Garrett.


We are hoping that you can help us out with some questions we have on the ACAC --

What is the current understanding of Southern Wells standing in the ACAC in regards to football and the conference as a whole.

Is there any consideration in the future of the ACAC re-evaluating conference membership due to changes in enrollments

Has Concordia contacted you recently about possible membership in the ACAC

We would appreciate any insight you might be able to give us.


Steve Rhoades reply to us -

Southern Wells does not participate in the conference only in Football. All other sports they are competing for conference honors. The discussion took place several years ago when Southern Wells had some very small size classes coming through the school. The conference voted to allow this exception and we will continue to review it. As of this time we do not have plans on making any additional changes.

In regards to other changes, we do not have plans for any additional changes due to enrollments. However, we are always discussing these issues in our conference and with other area schools.

Concordia has not approached us recently.

Oldenburg Academy

updated 7-8-12

email reply to THE SENIOR REPORTS


We are adding JV Football for the Fall of 2013 inaugural season and will compete as JV in the Fall of 2014. We will play all games in the first two inception years on the road. 2015 will see the Twisters in varsity and postseason play with a full varsity schedule of home/away games. We are currently an independent program in all sports and are not entertaining joining a conference at this present time.


Ryan Brammer
Athletic Director
Oldenburg Academy

CLICK HERE - Oldenburg Academy wEB sITE

Hoosier Heritage Conference

updated 5-15-12

Hoosier Heritage Conference Says "NO" to Roncalli

The Principals and Athletic Directors of the Hoosier Heritage Conference met this morning for our regularly scheduled meeting. As you are aware one of the topics of discussion was the addition of an 8th school to our conference.

In April, Roncalli was invited to make a presentation to the existing member schools. Their presentation was very professional and impressive.

For various reasons that primarily centered on travel distance to some of the existing schools, it was decided to not invite Roncalli to join our conference at this time.

Mark J. Hall
Pendleton Heights High School

Hoosier Heritage Conference

updated 4-10-12

CLICK HERE - Roncalli could be an unlikely fit

thanks to Brian Harmon...complete story below...

Rushville is definitely out. New Castle, Hamilton Heights, Greenwood and Franklin are no-gos. Muncie South and Jay County are interested, but not wanted. And Roncalli is being considered.

As the Hoosier Heritage Conference seeks to replace Rushville to keep an eight-member high school athletic group intact, a seven-school conference is becoming more likely, at least in the near future.

On April 13, 2011, the Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference voted unanimously to admit Rushville and Connersville into the EIAC beginning with the 2013-14 school year, joining current members Batesville, East Central, Franklin County, Greensburg, Lawrenceburg and South Dearborn.

Rushville decided to leave Delta, Greenfield-Central, Mt. Vernon, New Palestine, Pendleton Heights, Shelbyville and Yorktown behind in the HHC to, in large part, become more competitive in a variety of sports.

And while the Lions still have one more full school year left in the HHC, most athletic directors prefer to schedule their sporting events a year in advance on two-year contracts. With that in mind, the HHC got to work almost exactly 12 months ago on replacing Rushville.

So far, it’s been an unfulfilled quest; a quest that will lead in the next few weeks to the HHC’s meeting with an unlikely potential candidate: Roncalli.

Welcome the Rebels?
“I think if everything else fits, then the fact that they’re a private or parochial isn’t going to matter to me, as long as they fit the profile of our conference,” is how Delta athletic director Chris Conley summed up his feelings toward Roncalli.

Last month, after being turned down by a number of public schools, HHC athletic directors and principals came to an agreement to explore the possibility of welcoming a private school to the mix.

Roncalli, a Catholic school in southern Marion County, has been attempting to join a conference for several years. Most recently, they were turned away by the Mid-State Conference.

But the Rebels, who have traditionally had a good deal of postseason success in number of sports, will get a chance to plead their case to the HHC in the coming weeks.

“We’re going to set up a meeting with them just to come explain and give us information about their school,” said Pendleton Heights principal Mark Hall, who is in charge of the new-member search for the HHC. “It’s similar to what we’ve done with other schools. But, again, it’s just an information gathering meeting because there are a lot of people, myself included, involved in the conference that don’t really know that much about Roncalli. And so it’s more of just an opportunity to find out more about their school.”

Chuck Weisenbach is a Roncalli graduate. He’s worked at his alma mater for 28 years; the last 17 years as principal. He’s cautiously optimistic about discussing a possible partnership with the HHC.

“We’ve always felt that being part of a conference would be beneficial toward the school athletically,” he said. “Roncalli remains very, very open to speaking with the Hoosier Heritage Conference. I’m sure they have some concerns, and we would have questions of our own, but we feel like it could be a win-win.”

Last year, for what Weisenbach said was the third time in the last 10 to 15 years, the Mid-State welcomed Roncalli to apply for membership, only to ultimately turn down the Rebels. The seven-school Mid-State includes Decatur Central, Franklin, Greenwood, Martinsville, Mooresville, Plainfield and Whiteland.

“One of their member school’s principals called and said he felt like we had the votes in order (to gain membership) and to start making preparations,” Weisenbach said. “Well, before the vote came about, either a superintendent or principal changed at three of the schools, and they felt like they needed more time to study the situation.”

Unanimous decision
HHC by-laws require total agreement by member administrators to approve a new conference school. In this case, it will take a 7-0 vote in favor of Roncalli or any other potential member — if the process even gets that far.

Up to this point, the HHC hasn’t come close to taking a vote on any institution.

Not too long before Rushville announced its intention to leave the HHC, Greenwood sent a formal letter to the HHC expressing an interest in joining the conference.

“At the time, we didn’t have an opening and weren’t interested in having nine teams,” said Conley, the Eagles’ athletic director. “When Rushville left, the assumption was that Greenwood would just jump right in. Well, by that point with travel costs and other things that had gone on with them, they were no longer interested.

“So, we thought we had an answer and then when that answer didn’t work out, it’s been frustrating.”

The HHC later set it sights on other public schools, all to no avail.

“New Castle, Hamilton Heights, Greenwood and Franklin were the four biggies,” Greenfield-Central principal Steve Bryant said. “A couple of them were interested, at least at the building level, then it went to their corporate level and it was an absolute, ‘No, we’re not changing conferences right now.’

“So, we did not actually have serious conversations with any of them.”

Muncie South and Jay County, schools located nearest to northern HHC schools Delta and Yorktown, expressed enthusiasm. For Shelbyville, the southern most HHC school, transportation costs involved with an extra 90-minute-plus HHC bus ride would be prohibitive.

“They were interested in joining, but we as a conference pretty much said that those would not be schools that we would want, primarily just because of distance and travel,” Shelbyville athletic director Paul Heidenreich said. “Jay County’s two hours away from here and we would not support Jay County.

“I think right now, the way I look at it is, we’re probably just going to be a seven-team conference.”

Heidenreich isn’t sure that seven HHC schools can agree unanimously on one new member, particularly when the private school factor is included. Heidenreich, a Roncalli graduate, said he and G-C athletic director Kevin Horrigan were among the first to propose initiating discussions with a private school. Heidenreich believes that changing the by-laws so that merely a 5-2 “yes” vote is required will be the only way to approve a new HHC school.

“That’s why I think that should be looked at,” he said of changing the by-laws. “Not because I want to add a parochial or a private school — I want to add a good fit — but I think trying to get a slam dunk, 7-0 vote with everybody agreeing on the same school, it’s not going to happen because there’s too many other outside influences.

“Now if you just keep it to the A.D.s and the principals and the superintendents maybe it could, but when you start throwing in the factions of school boards and booster clubs and all that, then it starts to get a little dicey and I don’t know how you handle that other than you change it from unanimous to maybe 5-2.”

Okay with seven
All parties contacted for this story were in total agreement on one issue: An eighth school wouldn’t be added to the HHC unless it was a near-perfect match.

“We would like someone who fits our conference profile, who offers the 19 sports that our conference offers,” Conley said. “They have to be a good fit competitively, in school size, in distance that everyone has to travel and other factors. So, if we have to wait a year or two years for that fit after Rushville leaves, that’s what we’ll do.

“We have talked that we would prefer to stay at seven if we can’t find the ideal school. We don’t want to just add someone to be our eighth school.”

Bryant agreed.

“We’ve got a good conference,” the G-C principal commented, adding that he is open to a private school joining the HHC. “We’re sitting here at seven and we’re not going to take an eighth unless they meet our criteria. There has to be some compatibility.”

The goal, however, would be to get back to an eight-team conference, Conley said. Part of the benefit of an eight-team conference is the ability to schedule football showcases.

In Week 4 of the 2012 season, the HHC’s eight football teams will take part in four games at Lucas Oil Stadium. Currently, all HHC schools play non-conference games in the first two weeks of the nine-week football regular season so that they can schedule a football showcase in any of the final seven weeks, since all of those games are conference contests.

“Of all the sports, it’s most important to have an eight-team conference for football because of the way the schedules are set,” Conley said. “And it’s very difficult to pick up a non-conference game in the middle of a football season because so many other schools are in conferences.

“So football is the predominant one. Eight is the ideal number when you get to a wrestling tournament, swimming brackets, track meets, things like that. I guess eight is just that perfect number for conferences.”

As far as Roncalli is concerned, it would be that perfect partner. The Rebels’ principal has spent much effort in the past trying to persuade fellow administrators that his athletic programs wouldn’t run roughshod over public school conference opposition.

Weisenbach noted that in the South Bend, Fort Wayne and Evansville areas, many private schools belong to conferences with public schools.

“In other parts of the state that seems to be the norm,” he said. “And it’s been that way for a long time, so that leads me to believe it has worked out okay, otherwise (the private schools) probably wouldn’t be allowed to stay in the conferences.

“With the Mid-State, there was some concern that there would be a problem with our football program dominating. But, if you look at our schedule, we already play most of those schools and for the last several years, we’ve been around .500 facing those teams.”

In six years from 2006 through last season, the Rebels’ football team went 33-31. They haven’t won a sectional title since 2005.

Some of Roncalli’s most successful athletic teams in recent years have been in boys’ and girls’ basketball, soccer, softball and gymnastics.

Domino effect

Ultimately, HHC athletic directors and administrators will have to decide if Roncalli is an ideal candidate.

Bryant said he didn’t know of any other schools left for consideration after Roncalli.

If the Rebels don’t join the HHC, it’s possible one of the previously eliminated public schools, such as New Castle or Greenwood, could undergo a change of heart following a transition in their leadership.

As the HHC bosses go forward in the process, they’re aware of what’s happening at the college level, as entire conferences are upended, reshaped and disbanded.

“The thing that worries me about seven is seven can very quickly become six and six can very quickly become five and then everybody’s at a loss,” Conley said. “So I think it’s in everybody’s best interest that we move as quickly as we can, but as prudently as we can, to find that eighth member.”

Like a game of musical chairs, no HHC school wants to be the last program standing in the face of a radical realignment.

The Mid-State Conference has approached the southern-half HHC schools the last several years about forming a super-conference.

“There’s been some interest — on their part at least — in a mega-conference, if you will, a 12-member conference with a split of six and six on the football side,” Bryant said. “I think they’re asking Shelbyville, Mt. Vernon, us and New Pal.

“I don’t see that happening in the near future, but it has been offered as a conversation, a very informal conversation if you will.”

Bryant emphasized that G-C is completely committed to the Hoosier Heritage Conference. It’s a sentiment shared by Shelbyville, as well, with a caveat.

“I can tell you this: We are not going to leave this conference alone,” Heidenreich said. “Our administration doesn’t want to do that because we like the relationships we have with all of our conference schools.

“Now, if there are multiple schools within our conference that say ‘We’re thinking of getting out of the HHC,’ we would be stupid to not be in on that same conversation. Let’s just say that the Mid-State takes Greenfield or New Pal or Mt. Vernon or somebody, well it would be dumb for us to not say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, what are our chances of joining as well?’

“Because the worst thing that could happen is the Hancock schools leave the HHC, then we’re stuck with Delta and Yorktown and Pendleton Heights, and geographically that makes no sense.”

For now, HHC leaders are content to go forward with seven members. But, just as Rushville made a decision that was in its best interest, the remaining HHC schools will be no different.

“When the dominos start falling, you don’t know where it’s going to end,” Bryant said. “There’s only been one domino fall, but if there’s two or three that fall, then we may be looking elsewhere.

“We’re no different than colleges and universities in that regard.”

updated 3-18-12

CLICK HERE - Search continues for Hoosier Heritage Conference

updated 11-2-11

Email reply to The Senior Reports -
Roncalli High School is flattered that there might be an interest on the part of the Hoosier Heritage Conference in having Roncalli as a part of their conference. It is a conference filled with great community based high schools who have a passion for athletics. Their interest in Roncalli as a possible conference member is something we will be exploring with our coaches and administration in the next few weeks.

Chuck Weisenbach, Principal Roncalli High School
courtesy of Greenfield Daily Reporter, written by Brian Harmon

Roncalli and the Hoosier Heritage Conference

In its quest to replace Rushville in the Hoosier Heritage Conference, athletic directors have turned to a somewhat unlikely candidate: Roncalli.

In the last few weeks, HHC bosses decided to invite Roncalli to “discuss” a possible move to the conference. Rushville previously announced plans to leave the HHC in 2013-14 for the Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference.

The EIAC will offer a more competitive playing field for the Rushville, which, as the second smallest school in the HHC, has struggled, with its conference success limited mostly to girls’ basketball.

Roncalli, like many private schools, has no conference affiliation. The Rebels, however, have in recent years explored joining a conference, presumably for the benefits a conference can provide: annual rivalries, a chance to play for a conference championship and a more established schedule year-in and year-out.

When word first broke of Rushville’s departure, HHC athletic directors spoke of several schools, including Franklin, Greenwood and New Castle as possible replacements. Roncalli was mentioned, but always with the caveat that the Rebels might dominate conference sports across the board.

After all, private schools have come to outperform their public school counterparts in many, if not most, state tournament sports.

So, it was only after Franklin, Greenwood, New Castle and a few other schools such as Hamilton Heights were eliminated as possibilities that Roncalli truly became a possibility. Many of the schools targeted by the HHC showed initial interest, but later had to back off after being overruled by their respective school boards for various reasons, include worries about transportation costs. New Castle, which has been described by more than one HHC athletic director as the “ideal” candidate, has never indicated a desire to join the HHC, choosing to stick with its North Central Conference tradition.

The HHC’s non-Rushville members are Greenfield-Central, Mt. Vernon, New Palestine, Pendleton Heights, Shelbyville, Delta and Yorktown.

One of the key factors in maintaining an eight-member conference, rather than simply not replacing Rushville, is the HHC football docket.

There just aren’t enough large-school football programs around central Indiana with schedule availabilities to fill seven non-conference holes in the schedule (one for each HHC team) that will be created in 2013-14. HHC athletic directors are worried that they’ll all be fighting for the same one or two teams to fill Rushville’s spot on their respective football lineups.

For example, the six non-conference foes for G-C, Mt. Vernon and New Palestine this season were Kokomo, Lebanon, Marion, Whiteland, Richmond and New Castle.

Whiteland isn’t a difficult bus trip, and neither is New Castle, but traveling to Boone and Howard counties is at the limit of what most local athletic directors would like to schedule. With Rushville exiting, ADs will have a difficult time finding a suitable football replacement within a two-hour drive.

And that takes us back to Roncalli. While the 4A Rebels are solid in most sports, they’re not the same dominant force as 4A Cathedral, for example, or even a Heritage Christian at the 2A level. (Cathedral defeated Roncalli’s football team 20-13 in Friday’s sectional semifinal).

Rushville’s best sport in recent years was girls’ basketball, which also happens to be a Roncalli strength. The Rebels defeated Mt. Vernon in the regional championship last season.

Roncalli’s boys’ basketball team was 18-6 last year with a sectional title.

In soccer this fall, Roncalli didn’t make it out of the girls’ sectional, while the G-C boys beat the Rebels in the regional semifinal.

The Rebels’ wrestling program is extremely strong, winning a sectional last winter that included the three Hancock County HHC programs. The Roncalli volleyball and girls’ golf teams also won sectional titles this fall.

In other sports, such as cross country, swimming and tennis, the Rebels are average. In the boys’ swimming sectional, for example, Roncalli was 10th; in the girls’ sectional, seventh.

Will Roncalli be more competitive than Rushville in most HHC championships? Without a doubt. Will the Rebels be unbeatable? No.

Ultimately, facing off with Roncalli will better prepare the current HHC schools for the state tournament more than playing Rushville. And the trip to southeast Indianapolis is much shorter.

Roncalli’s admission to the HHC is far from certain. HHC principals and school boards will have to sign off on any formal invitation. HHC by-laws require a unanimous agreement on new members, so it will only take one HHC administrative body to squash a Roncalli-HHC marriage.

But, unless one of the aforementioned schools reverses direction and decides to join the HHC, which is possible, considering the turnover among principals and school board members, Roncalli is the HHC’s best option.

Indiana Football Coaches Association

updated 4-11-12

CLICK HERE - Indiana high school football could stand some changes

updated 4-3-12

CLICK HERE - Proposal to overhaul high school football playoff system tabled


updated 3-24-12

CLICK HERE - Farewell to the Wigwam

updated 9-14-11

Hoosier Heritage Conference To Remain 7 Schools

A Hoosier Heritage Conf school official told me via email that no school is currently being considered to fill Rushville's spot next school year. According to my source the HHC "had a dinner meeting for schools that might have an interest in joining our conference this summer. Only one school attended, and later told us they were not interested in joining. "

plus, "I think the economy and the uncertain future with school funding has slowed interest in the HHC. A school that would join would face some decent travel distances. I think that is a concern for several schools that might have been interested at one time."

Rushville will leave for the Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference after the 2012-13 school year.

Indiana Crossroads Conference

updated 3-18-12

CLICK HERE - ICC gets stronger with addition of TC

Private vs Public

updated 3-18-12

CLICK HERE - Private schools vs. public

updated 11-24-11

CLICK HERE - Pinpointing the parochial problem

Reader Reply to article above



I am not sure if you forwarded this to me given the topic or if I have subscribed to a service that gets The Senior Reports. Regardless, I appreciated receiving the article and was interested in the article.

I have a few thoughts/comments based on what I read.

I would like to clarify Commissioner Cox's quote about private/parochial schools, "They recruit students." I would expand that statement to say that Roncalli recruits students according to the following format:

1.  Students that currently are enrolled in our Catholic grades schools.
2.  Catholic students in our Catholic feeder parishes that attend public 
schools but who also participate in Catholic youth ministry/faith 
formation programs.
3.  Students who have attended one of our Open Houses.
4.  Students who have come and shadowed for a day at Roncalli
5.  Students/families who have called our school and asked to be placed 
on our mailing list.
For #1 and #2 those are mailing lists that we receive each August/September from our Catholic grade schools and parishes.

For #3, #4 and #5, the student/family must initiate the contact before any Roncalli literature or communication will take place.

At no time is Roncalli involved in any contact or recruitment of a random student that does not fit into one of the five categories above. I cannot speak nor do I wish to speak for the other private/parochial schools in the state but I can say that for most/all Catholic schools in the state, their student recruitment process would the same/similar.

Next comment - what unfair advantage do folks claim that Warren, Carmel, Center Grove, Penn, Snider, Hamilton SE have since they have dominated Class 5A football for decades! Are they doing something illegal/unfair that is not going on at Lawrence North, Valpo, TH South, Jeffersonville, and other 5A schools?

There does need to be some tweaking of the by laws as it relates to the class tournaments. I have been in discussion with principals of some other local Catholic high schools. I am hopeful that we can come to some consensus and offer a proposal for consideration by the IHSAA Board of Directors to consider as well.

Thanks again for forwarding the article. I look forward to the discussion in the coming months.

Chuck Weisenbach, Principal
Roncalli High School - Indianapolis, IN 46227


from the District web site

To Southmont Athletic Community

Monday, 12 March 2012 - The High School and Jr. High administrators have made the decision that we believe is in the best interest of the student athletes of Southmont. We have chosen to remain in the Sagamore Athletic Conference. We appreciate the opportunity and the regard with which the West Central Athletic Conference held Southmont, including the invitation to join the WCC.

With this decision being finalized, we as administrators, coaches, and community members recognize that there is much that needs to be accomplished to maintain and improve athletics at Southmont. With your help, we all are committed to making this happen.

updated 3-12-12

CLICK HERE - Southmont to stay in SAC

updated 3-9-12

CLICK HERE - No decision on WCC for Southmont

updated 3-8-12

CLICK HERE - Southmont considers moving conferences, West Central Conference


updated 2-2-12

CLICK HERE - Girls Basketball Scheduling Lawsuit To Proceed

updated 2-1-12

CLICK HERE - U.S. appeals court overturns dismissal of gender-discrimination suit on Indiana high school sports

South Bend

updated 1-27-12

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updated 11-28-11

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Northeast Indiana

CLICK HERE - It's time to reshape prep conferences in Northeast Indiana

Summit Athletic Conference

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CLICK HERE - IHSAA Announces New Classifications

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