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updated 3-16-13

The Senior Reports - Dave Schmidt interviewed on Public vs Private

CLICK HERE - To listen - The SPORTS COUCH Show on 90.9 The Vine

Interview starts at 43 minute mark

updated 12-31-11

Public Vs Private

Lima (Ohio) Central Catholic AD Ron Williams talks about the Private vs Public issue LCC faced this year...

updated 6-14-12

CLICK HERE - Public-private war in high school sports is national issue

The Senior Reports featured in this Rockford, Illinois newspaper article

Some newspapers disable links to stories after they have been posted for several weeks

Private vs. Public

Some newspapers disable links to stories after they have been posted for several weeks


CLICK HERE - Ohio's Competitive Balance Issue vote...

CLICK HERE - PUBLIC VS PRIVATE – 50 States, 50 Solutions

OHSAA COMPETITIVE BALANCE IV-If First You Don't Succeed, try, try, again,again,again. again

updated 3-19-14

CLICK HERE - 2014 Competitive Balance Information (Includes Formula


updated 3-20-14

CLICK HERE - IHSA takes passive approach on enforcement front

updated 3-16-14

CLICK HERE - School leaders disagree on success factor

CLICK HERE - Original success factor idea evolved substantially

updated 2-23-14

PODCAST - CLICK HERE - IHSA's Matt Troha talks about the new Success Advancement Component, approved by the IHSA Board

CLICK HERE - IHSA classification rule will move few but have widespread impact

CLICK HERE - Wessler: Big flaws in formula for success

updated 2-19-14

CLICK HERE - IHSA Board Approves Multiplier Waiver Changes, Adds Success Advancement Component


updated 3-13-14

CLICK HERE - TSSAA council to study complete public-private split


updated 3-12-14

CLICK HERE - WIAA Private-school multiplier proposal moves forward


updated 2-25-14

CLICK HERE - Nebraska School Activities Association will consider rules to discourage last-minute, illegitimate student transfers


updated 12-3-13

CLICK HERE - LHSAA Executive Committee goes over January convention agenda as winter meeting begins


updated 12-3-13

No Petition for Separate State Tournaments submitted to the OHSAA

OHSAA Release
“The deadline for member schools to submit petitions for 2014 referendum items was Monday, December 2, which the schools would then vote on in May. There were no petitions submitted. The OHSAA had anticipated that a petition might be submitted regarding separation of team sport tournaments into public and private divisions. However, no petition was submitted. The OHSAA’s Competitive Balance Committee, which has created proposals the last three years that the membership voted down, will continue to meet and, along with the Board of Directors, will continue to evaluate this situation. There is no definite timeframe for another competitive balance proposal or other details available at this time.”

CLICK HERE - No Vote On Separate Tournaments

updated 10-28-13

CLICK HERE - Private Schools of Ohio Athletic Association


update 11-24-13

CLICK HERE - Public vs Private - VIEWS: Sycamore's dream season shouldn't have to end this way


updated 8-5-13

CLICK HERE - Mississippi group looks to ban private schools


updated 6-26-13

CLICK HERE - WIAA satisfied with private schools


updated 5-31-13

CLICK HERE - Tougher Rules for Transfers


updated 6-25-13

Sacred Heart-Griffin AD/head football coach Ken Leonard speaks out against the proposed "Success Factor" rule that the IHSA is considering.

updated 5-4-13

CLICK HERE - Public Vs Private Takes A New TWIST In Illinois

article by The Senior Report's Dave Schmidt


updated 4-18-13

CLICK HERE - Leechburg granted release to District 6


updated 4-18-13

CLICK HERE - CHSAA membership shoots down Colorado private high school sports promotion system

CLICK HERE - Private school teams with history of success may be moving up a classification — if vote passes


updated 4-12-13

CLICK HERE - Expect GHSA to tweak Class A points system

New Jersey


CLICK HERE - Unlevel playing field in S. Jersey

Forbes Story

updated 3-26-13

CLICK HERE - States Strain For Creative Solutions To High School Sports Class Warfare


updated 2-19-13

CLICK HERE - VIDEO - In Focus: Private vs. Public Hockey State Tournament Debate

CLICK HERE - Public vs Private MHSAA Issues


updated 2-13-13

CLICK HERE - Civil War In Louisiana - Public vs. Private

updated 1-27-13 CLICK HERE - LOUISIANA Votes to separate football tournaments

Public vs Private Comes To Illinois

updated 12-8-12

Interview with Mooseheart Executive Director Scott Hart

updated 12-4-12

CLICK HERE - Legislative Commission Places 11 Amendment Proposals on Ballot

Proposal 9: Removes the automatic eligibility provision for first-time transfers from a private school to a home public school, or from a private school to another private school, and requires in the case of any transfer not accompanied by a change in residence to another high school attendance area that the transfer be necessitated by (a) a change in the family’s financial position or (b) extenuating circumstances documented by the sending school.

CLICK HERE - Mooseheart - Did school for troubled kids go hunting for athletes in Sudan?

Hinckley athletic director and basketball coach Bill Sambrookes said he did not intend to undermine Mooseheart's season when he emailed the IHSA in March 2011. In that message, he expressed "that the playing fields are not level" between smaller public schools that draw from students in a community and private schools such as Mooseheart, Marmion, Aurora Christian, Aurora Central Catholic and Rosary, which can draw student-athletes internationally.


updated 11-30-12

CLICK HERE - GHSA Rejects Play With GISA Schools

updated 1-14-12

CLICK HERE - GHSA's public-private split selfish, thoughtless

updated 1-11-12

CLICK HERE - GHSA votes to separate Class A public, private schools for playoffs and championships


updated 11-29-12

NCHSAA board will consider action on non-traditional schools

updated 5-3-12

CLICK HERE - AUDIO - NCHSAA Commissioner's statement on parochial school ammendments

CLICK HERE - Amendment to bar parochial schools from NCHSAA fails

updated 4-29-12

CLICK HERE - Rocky Mount Prep wants an equal shot in NCHSAA

updated 4-27-12

CLICK HERE - Where would Catholic go?

updated 4-22-12

CLICK HERE - Should the NCHSAA eject Cardinal Gibbons?

CLICK HERE - Hopefully, NCHSAA vote will remove private schools

updated 4-20-12

CLICK HERE - Pinyan says proposal is about what's right and wrong

updated 4-17-12

CLICK HERE - NCHSAA voting on whether to exclude parochial schools

CLICK HERE - NCHSAA conducts vote on Cardinal Gibbons’ membership

CLICK HERE - NCHSAA voting on Charlotte Catholic


updated 11-27-12

CLICK HERE - Football tourney is a joke


updated 10-23-12

CLICK HERE - Private schools may take hit with changes


Updated: 10-7-12

CLICK HERE - TSSAA public-private split turns 15

CLICK HERE - Carlton Flatt now realizes public viewpoint

CLICK HERE - Public schools wanting full split in TSSAA


updated 9-16-12

CLICK HERE - School officials preparing proposal to help level playing field for teams with long-standing struggles


updated 8-10-12

CLICK HERE - Philly Catholic high schools get outside manager


updated 7-16-12

reply from University Interscholastic League Jamey Harrison, EdD Deputy Director on UIL Proposal

In June, the UIL Standing Committee on Policy heard a proposal from members of the Texas Association of Non-public School (TANS) requesting the Policy Committee authorize a task force to review the feasibility of adding a private school division within the UIL. The Policy Committee voted to authorize the task force to allow for a conversation on the topic. UIL staff is currently working to create it and schedule meetings. At this point, we do not know the composition of the task force or the schedule for the task force to meet.

updated 7-10-12

UIL Policy Committee Accepts TANS Study Proposal

TANS Study Proposal

updated 7-10-12

EDITOR'S NOTE - Markum told us in a phone conversation they were not informed of the proposal until after the UIL announced it

reply from Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship Director Don Markum on UIL Proposal

TCAF is aware of a proposal presented to the UIL from the Board of Directors of the Texas Association of Non-Public Schools to create a Private School Division in the UIL. We will watch with great interest as the UIL moves forward with this study. We believe we offer the highest standard in Private School Sports and Academic Fellowship in Texas and look forward to future growth in the Texas market.

updated 6-28-12

reply from Southwest Preparatory Conference Athletics - Dan Lee on UIL Proposal

The SPC, while always interested in private school affairs in the state of Texas, will continue to operate as an independent schools conference as is regardless of what the UIL does with the survey it is conducting.

updated 6-20-12

reply from TAPPS Director - Edd Burleson on UIL Proposal

PDF copy of above statement

UIL may add Private School Division?

The UIL is also looking into the possibility of adding a new Private School only classification for the state. Presently the authorized Private school governing bodies for high school competition is split between the Texas Asoociation of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), the Texas Chistian Athletic League (TCAL) and the Southwest Prepartory Conference (SPC). This move is being made on the recommendation of the Texas Association of Non-Public Schools.

Charter Schools

updated 7-5-12

CLICK HERE - An unfair contest: charter school athletics


updated 6-27-12

CLICK HERE - Gorman’s plan to be more transparent presented to NIAA board

updated 6-24-12

CLICK HERE - Bishop Gorman: Private school's sports dominance threatens alliance

updated 5-2-12

CLICK HERE - Bishop Gorman's Dominance in Sports Questioned

CLICK HERE - Bishop Gorman Statement To NIAA


updated 6-27-12

CLICK HERE - IHSAA makes flawed system worse


updated 6-26-12

CLICK HERE - Middle School Is Basketball’s Fiercest Recruiting Battleground

updated 1-22-12

Red Lion Christian asks for DIAA reinstatement

updated 1-13-12

OHSAA Board of Directors Meeting Highlights – January 12, 2012

The Board unanimously approved a motion to continue to support the work of the OHSAA’s Competitive Balance Committee, which meets again January 31. The motion was in response to a letter received from an Ohio public school superintendent that requested the Board of Directors immediately create a referendum item to go to the membership this spring that would place public and non-public schools into separate tournaments.

CLICK HERE - Separation Of Public And Private School Tournaments


updated 5-7-12

CLICK HERE - Cashman: No easy fix to public-private debate


updated 5-2-12

CLICK HERE - Bishop Gorman's Dominance in Sports Questioned

CLICK HERE - Bishop Gorman Statement To NIAA


updated 5-1-12

CLICK HERE - IHSAA Board Tables Success Factor Proposal for Further Study

West Virginia

updated 4-20-12

CLICK HERE - ADs likely to discuss public vs. private this weekend


updated 4-25-12

CLICK HERE - High school coach tries to help Catholic schools


updated 3-20-12

CLICK HERE - Louisville parents want Supreme Court to hear cap on athletic scholarships

New Jersey

updated 2-13-12

CLICK HERE - Another playoff proposal


updated 2-6-12

CLICK HERE - New legislation seeks to lessen FHSAA's power, allow charter schools to operate like private schools

updated 1-31-12

CLICK HERE - FHSAA at issue with private and charter schools

updated 1-30-12

CLICK HERE - Bill could shake up FHSAA's rule of private schools

updated 1-19-12

CLICK HERE - Legislators could force FHSAA to allow play against independent schools

updated 1-15-12

CLICK HERE - Two Keys high schools join new athletic conference

updated 1-14-12

CLICK HERE - 14 schools forming own league

updated 1-11-12

CLICK HERE - Small schools create independent football conference


updated 1-2-12

CLICK HERE - Kentucky appeals court upholds recruiting limits

updated 10-6-11

CLICK HERE - Court hears issue affecting Kentucky private schools sports


updated 12-19-11

CLICK HERE - Building a program at Fredericksburg Christian


updated 12-6-11

CLICK HERE - High School poweres that be offer solutions to public, private problem

updated 12-5-11

CLICK HERE - Valor Christian rockets to success and gains its share of detractors

DEVELOPING - Northwest Conference (OHIO)

updated 12-1-11

Press Conference

CLICK HERE - if above video does not show up on your browser

Thanks to Aaron Matthews of 104.9 The Eagle

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - Listen to the entire press conference on the decision of LCC to withdraw from the NWC

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN -Aaron Matthews talks with LCC Athletic Director Ron Williams about the decision for LCC to withdraw from the NWC

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - Aaron Matthews talks with LCC Football Coach Jerry Cooper about the decision for LCC to withdraw from the NWC

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - HOUR 1 - Ron Williams on 93.1 The Fan on Koza's Show

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - HOUR 2 - Ron Williams on 93.1 The Fan on Koza's Show


The Northwest Conference is announcing today that in accordance with Article III, Section 2.4 of the NWC Constitution, Lima Central Catholic High School has submitted a request to withdraw from the Northwest Conference at the conclusion of the 2012-13 school year.

The conference is also announcing that a two year scheduling agreement between LCC and other NWC schools will be implemented to assist all parties in a smooth transition of athletic scheduling. This agreement will cover schools years 2013-14 and 2014-15 and will conclude at the end of 2014-15.

This decision was reached after productive meetings between the principals and athletic directors of both LCC and all other NWC schools. After being approached by certain conference members expressing concerns about competitive balance in the NWC, LCC felt it was in the best interests of all to initiate discussions to address these issues. LCC would like to express their gratitude to the NWC for the opportunity they were given to be a part of a great conference for what will be seven years, and for agreeing to work with LCC over the next few years during their transition out of the NWC.

updated 11-30-11

UPDATED - Press Conference to be held at 1pm Thursday, 12-1-11

courtesy 93.1 the Fan in Lima

Vince Koza comments on the Northwest Conference possibly asking Lima Central Catholic to leave...

near the end of the will hear Coldwater football coach Chip Otten first and Kenton football coach Mike Mauk discuss LCC...

updated 11-29-11

LCC AD Ron Williams

Just talked on the phone with Ron and he has verified Mike Mullen's email below concerning this issue

email to the Senior Reports


At this time, there has been no formal agreement reached regarding the future status of Lima Central Catholic in the Northwest Conference.

Discussion on this matter has occurred, and naturally, there are rampant “rumors.”

The post you have listed below is one of the options being considered, but there has been no resolution of the matter as yet.

If and when a change is made in the status of membership in the NWC, the media

will be officially notified.


Mike Mullen - NWC Commissioner/Secretary
updated 11-28-11

LCC out of the Northwest Conference

Vince Koza on The Fan talked about this today...

changes coming to the NWC and it looks like LCC will no longer be a member of the NWC. Rumors say there was a vote today...that has not taken place at this time. But there is enough known that it will take place as all involved are discussing terms.

Vince Koza Audio

audio courtesy 93.1 The Fan

updated 11-29-11



updated 11-24-11

CLICK HERE - Pinpointing the parochial problem

Reader Reply to article above



I am not sure if you forwarded this to me given the topic or if I have subscribed to a service that gets The Senior Reports. Regardless, I appreciated receiving the article and was interested in the article.

I have a few thoughts/comments based on what I read.

I would like to clarify Commissioner Cox's quote about private/parochial schools, "They recruit students." I would expand that statement to say that Roncalli recruits students according to the following format:

1.  Students that currently are enrolled in our Catholic grades schools.
2.  Catholic students in our Catholic feeder parishes that attend public 
schools but who also participate in Catholic youth ministry/faith 
formation programs.
3.  Students who have attended one of our Open Houses.
4.  Students who have come and shadowed for a day at Roncalli
5.  Students/families who have called our school and asked to be placed 
on our mailing list.
For #1 and #2 those are mailing lists that we receive each August/September from our Catholic grade schools and parishes.

For #3, #4 and #5, the student/family must initiate the contact before any Roncalli literature or communication will take place.

At no time is Roncalli involved in any contact or recruitment of a random student that does not fit into one of the five categories above. I cannot speak nor do I wish to speak for the other private/parochial schools in the state but I can say that for most/all Catholic schools in the state, their student recruitment process would the same/similar.

Next comment - what unfair advantage do folks claim that Warren, Carmel, Center Grove, Penn, Snider, Hamilton SE have since they have dominated Class 5A football for decades! Are they doing something illegal/unfair that is not going on at Lawrence North, Valpo, TH South, Jeffersonville, and other 5A schools?

There does need to be some tweaking of the by laws as it relates to the class tournaments. I have been in discussion with principals of some other local Catholic high schools. I am hopeful that we can come to some consensus and offer a proposal for consideration by the IHSAA Board of Directors to consider as well.

Thanks again for forwarding the article. I look forward to the discussion in the coming months.

Chuck Weisenbach, Principal
Roncalli High School - Indianapolis, IN 46227

updated 8-23-10

CLICK HERE - OHSAA public vs. private debate going to committee

Private vs Public Debate

updated 12-28-10

CLICK HERE - Public vs Private...Should private schools have their own football division?

CLICK HERE - Public vs Private..The private school arguement

CLICK HERE - Public vs Private.....The Solution

updated 12-7-10

CLICK HERE - OHIO - It's time to separate public and private school for playoffs

updated 12-7-10

CLICK HERE - OHIO - Change coming in high school divisions?

updated 4-6-10

CLICK HERE - OHIO - Enrollment multiplier may help answer playoffs debate

updated 3-29-10

CLICK HERE - OHIO - Public vs. Parochial

updated 3-3-10

CLICK HERE - Ohio athletics need change, leaders agree


posted 12-29-09

CLICK HERE - Leveling the playing field: Wayne County superintendents take aim at public vs. private

updated 2-7-10

CLICK HERE - Do You Want To Be An Independent? Simple Reasons Not To Be One

Original story by THE SENIOR REPORTS - Dave Schmidt



updated 3-10-10

CLICK HERE - ARIZONA - AIA passes new rule to curtail recruiting of high school athletes

updated 3-10-10

CLICK HERE - ARIZONA - St. Mary's girls basketball an exclusive club


updated 12-27-10

CLICK HERE - DIAA violations have Diamond State teams unwilling to play private school


updated 12-14-10

CLICK HERE - Mandarin Christian School Gets Break on Probation

updated 12-13-10

CLICK HERE - Jacksonville's Mandarin Christian School Fined for Athletics Violations

updated 9-25-10

CLICK HERE - Breakaway league asks permission to play FHSAA teams

updated 9-1-10

CLICK HERE - Agape Christian appeal denied by FHSAA

CLICK HERE - Gulf transfers Ty'Shon Peters and Kris Aratchiysky ruled ineligible for the season

updated 8-31-10

CLICK HERE - Arlington Country Day withdraws from FHSAA

CLICK HERE - Arlington Country Day, FHSAA better off apart


updated 12-17-10

CLICK HERE - Boylan doesn’t give athletic scholarships

updated 12-13-10

CLICK HERE - Star Player Transfers From Boylan


updated 12-5-10

CLICK HERE - IHSAA may consider 'competition clause'

updated 11-17-09

CLICK HERE - Ress wants to look closer at 'unique situation' for IPS football


Updated: 2-7-10

CLICK HERE - Carver High football team is placed on probation


Updated: 1-16-11

CLICK HERE - MIAA proposal eyes playoff equity

CLICK HERE - Catholic schools may get left out


Updated: 2-7-10

CLICK HERE - LMC could vote St. Francis out


Updated: 12-10-10

CLICK HERE - Colonial League once again turns down Pius X High School's membership request


updated 4-1-10

CLICK HERE - A 5-division game? WIAA weighs expansion to ensure parity

updated 2-6-10

CLICK HERE - Five-division model begins to take shape


This new program allows you to see input from each of your conference members. This is a great way to see what you might do to improve, update or consider for the conference in the future. Each member answers our quick barometer survey and then forwards there answers to us. We put togehter a report based on the information and also give you some input and suggestions. All info is kept confidential, no one from the schools or conference will know how the other answered the survey. This gives you an "honest" look at your conference. No matter how you feel your conference is operating, it never hurts to see where the membership stands. This can also help you retain present members.

This service is also free - Contact us at -

CLICK HERE - Conference Barometer Survey

CLICK HERE - Communications - It’s Important To Your Conference

posted 10-24-09

CLICK HERE - Can Small-Sized High School Athletic Conferences Survive?

CLICK HERE - Fine Tuning Your Conference

Dave Schmidt's article - Fine Tuning Your Conference is featured on the Athletic Managements web site.

updated 2-7-10

CLICK HERE - Do You Want To Be An Independent? Simple Reasons Not To Be One

Original story by THE SENIOR REPORTS - Dave Schmidt

updated 12-17-10

CLICK HERE - Private vs. Public Schools...Should Changes Be Made?

original article by Dave Schmidt

Senior Reports Podcast

Dave Schmidt Appeared on Koza on Saturday (8-01-09)

click link below to listen to the interview

CLICK HERE - Listen to Dave Schmidt On Koza

Vince Koza interviews Dave Schmidt about a possible NAIA-NCAA merger, the Greater Buckeye Conference and the recent trade of Justin Masterson to the Indians.

Dave Schmidt Appeared on Koza on Saturday (6-13-09)

click link below to listen to the interview

CLICK HERE - Listen to Dave Schmidt On Koza

Vince Koza interviews Dave Schmidt about the future of HS Athletic Conferences, including the future of Lima Senior

Dave Schmidt Appeared on Koza on Saturday (3-28-09)

click link below to listen to the interview

CLICK HERE - (Wikipedia) - Ohio HS Athletic Confernces

Celina Wins!

1991 Ohio High School Regional Championship basketball game. Last second shot by Jill Froning for unranked Celina wins the game over Ohio's #1 rated Pickerington (were also rated in USA Today Top 5)...Celina went on to win the Ohio D1 State Championsip game. Game was played at Bellefontaine HS, Dave Schmidt doing the play-by-by for Celina Cable TV.

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